Jaws + Kornhole = the top of my shit list | Sharapova's Thigh

My New Year's resolution for 2009: Put a hatchet in the back of the skulls belonging to Jaws & Kornhole.

Having an MNF gig does not give the two of you free license to dog a city, a franchise and a defense. Fuck you both right in your stupid ass faces.

MNF sucked. It was an awful game. The only people watching after halftime were diehard Browns fans and diehard Eagles fans.

Guess what: this happens all the fucking time in sports.

You get paid to fill the air. Sometimes it is easier than others. Sometimes its tough. That's why you make 6 digits. Sometimes your job isn't easy.

"This defensive effort by the Browns epitomizes this city and the franchise that are in complete shambles right now."

Oh, you mean the defense that created two turnovers, the defense that was on the field for over 40 minutes in a game, the defense that can't control whether their coordinator calls shitty plays.

Eagles scored on a pick 6. They scored on their first drive of the game. 60% of teams score on their first drive of games. They scored on a 30 yard field. Then they were held to a bunch of field goals.

If either of you knew shit about sports is obvious that the Browns offense and front office are in disarray. 8 first downs doesn't give the defense much time to breath. Forget the fact that the Eagles offense is incredible.

The next time either of you question the heart of a city or of players that have spent over 40 minutes working their asses off you best look behind you because there will be somebody with an axe.

Screw you both.

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