Jessica Alba Also On "Office" Super Bowl Episode! YES! | Sharapova's Thigh

Yesterday we told you about Jack Black being a part of the 1-hour episode of The Office following the Super Bowl on February 1st. Now, we find out the hottest woman on the planet will be on the episode as well. That's right, Jessica effing Alba will be making an appearance on The Office. Boners and laughs! As Bill Walton would say, WHAT COULD BE BETTER?! Except, this time we're not talking about a Bobcats-Thunder matchup:

Jessica Alba's doing the ep, too!

An NBC insider has confirmed for me exclusively that the erstwhile Dark Angel is joining Black in the cast of the bootlegged movie the Dunder Mifflin staff try to watch during the workday. No further deets are available at present, but c'mon, isn't knowing she's doing it enough?
Link(Entertainment Weekly)

And one more pic cause that's how I roll:

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