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Juice gets 9.....Simply amazing

Posted by Poorly Acquitted | 12/05/2008 09:04:00 PM | ,

So unless you've been under a rock, in outer Montana or on a media fast you know by now that Orenthal Simpson will be spending at least the next 9 years in a federal penitentiary. As the resident law student I thought I'd jot down some notes.

As my one sentence commentary on the OJ murder trial I'll say this: To a person, every attorney in my LA office knew OJ's sentence the moment the case was removed from predominately white Santa Monica to racially mixed Los Angeles. It was the fucking prosecution that asked for this removal!!!!! But no money changed hands....nooooooooooooo.

This is the second time that Orenthal has slipped through the fingers of the law. A 9 year sentence is a slam dunk, home run, prayers answered sentence for The Juice. The max sentence for his charges was life. The prosecution presented an absolute gift by only asking for 18 as a minimum. Judge Jackie Glass is well known for harsh sentences, which makes this sentence even more surprising. The sentencing is very complicated though and could quite easily land OJ in jail until he's a corpse. When I first read the sentence I thought Judge Glass granted some leniency based on OJ's age. He's only 62, it's likely that he'll live for the entirety of his initial prison stint.

Whether the Nevada Parole Board grants him release or whether he gets shanked in the prison yard are two entirely separate questions that could alter the duration of his prison stay.

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