Matt Holliday vs. Scott Boras vs. Tulo | Sharapova's Thigh

Here's a strange story I heard the other day. This story comes from Tulo directly courtesy of Jack Corrigan, the voice of the Colorado Rockies. This story begins two days before Matt Holliday was traded to the Oakland A's.

The Monfort brothers called Holliday in for a one-on-one meeting, without Scott Boras. During the course of the meeting Holliday was offered 6 years and $96 million. He said yes, left the meeting, texted Tulo and Garrett Atkins "I'm staying! 6 and 96". Naturally you would think there was a handshake at the very least between the Monforts and Holliday...

The next morning Boras was at Coors Field with Holliday proclaiming that no deal had been reached. The Monforts put up the plea, "No no, we have an agreement." Holliday says, "No, we had a high five, not a hand shake."

News of this gets around around to Tulo. He sees Corrigan later that day hanging around Coors Field and tells the whole story. Tulo finishes by saying, "Get rid of the guy. We don't want him."


Agents are clearly necessary in sports. They keep owners from exploiting players. But since when was the player agent relationship designed to benefit the agent above the player?

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