Mike Leach burns Texas/Oklahoma | Sharapova's Thigh

This is just flat out awesome.

For those of you who live under a rock, the Big XII South finished in a 3 way tie. The Big XII used the BCS rankings to send Oklahoma to face Missouri in the championship game.

Mack Brown doesn't like the tie breaker situation. He wants to use the same sort of procedures that the other conferences do, although I'm pretty sure that BCS standings factor in eventually as one of the tie breakers for the SEC, ACC, et al.

What does Mike Leach want to use?

"I think they should break that three-way tie based on a graduation rate. I think the Big 12 conference should have an executive session tonight," the Texas Tech coach said Saturday. "And I think when they do that they will find that no one's more deserving than the Red Raiders to win Big 12 South."

What makes this so awesome? Texas Tech's graduation rate for the football program? 79% And the student athletes of Texas and Oklahoma graduation rate? 50 and 46% respectively.

Now I know that those two powerhouse programs have a higher rate of putting underclassmen into the NFL...but they can't do better than half? That's ridiculously bad. I love that Leach got a dig in at these two programs as the BCS bitching and moaning continues.

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