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The Football Game: Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Carolina Panthers. A huge, huge game in the NFC South, as they're tied for first place with 9-3 records. Furthermore, the winner of this game will be only one game behind the New York Giants for home-field advantage in the NFC, and the Panthers still get to play the Giants. So if the Panthers win tonight and that game, the playoffs in the NFC will likely go through Carolina. I've watched both of these teams play quite a bit and people aren't talking them up enough. These are both Super Bowl threats.

In the first meeting, the Buccaneers pounded the Panthers 27-3 in Tampa Bay. My money's on Carolina tonight, really, as I put a few bucks on them on CentSports(which isn't my money... yet). Speaking of that though, if you're also on CentSports or make some real sports bets and are looking for some advice on making picks, check out The Visionary Sports Handicapping Blog. It's run by a longtime sports handicapper that's out of the business and now just gives ya free advice on his blog daily, it's great.

Your Drinking Game: When Tony Kornheiser mentions his fantasy football team you chug. When he talks about Jeff Garcia's career you chug, even more so when he discusses how the Buccaneers wanted Brett Favre. I can pretty much guarantee he'll say, "Everybody wanted Brett Favre at quarterback and Jeff Garcia's saying, 'Hey, I'm pretty good too.' All he's done is lead his team to a 9-3 record..." The Steve Smith stuff, such as the punch on Ken Lucas in the preseason also is fair game. Any of these things, you drink heavily. Don't worry, I'll join ya.

Inactives(thanks to Rotoworld):
Panthers declared WR D.J. Hackett, third QB Matt Moore, CB C.J. Wilson, LB Adam Seward, G Mackenzy Bernadeau, C Ryan Kalil, T Jeremy Bridges, and WR Kenneth Moore inactive for Week 14.
Bucs declared QB Josh Johnson, third QB Brian Griese, WR Dexter Jackson, RB Noah Herron, S Donte Nicholson, LB Matt McCoy, DT Jovan Haye, and T James Lee inactive for Monday Night Football against Carolina.

Between The Thighs: I'll probably post a separate blog about this in the coming days, but if ya didn't see, we've got a forum/message board going now called "Between The Thighs". The link to it is at the top. You'll have to register, and you must be 18 to join so we can do whatever we want on there(don't worry, anything that's very much adult content will be labeled NSFW so you don't get fired). We've got a great arcade with thousands of games, we've got a forum on there to talk sports, a forum to post and talk about some more hot thighs, and a forum to talk about literally whatever else. So join us on there.

1st Quarter: Alright, pregame Kornheiser went on and on about the Garcia stuff so drink up! Touchback on the kickoff, Bucs with the ball.

First play is a pass for a few yards to a former tight end of my Bears, John Gilmore. Next play, Tyler Brayton all over Garcia's face with a sack. That sounds interesting doesn't it? 3rd and 13, Warrick Dunn looks dumber than Harry Dunn and falls down after a couple yards. Bucs to punt.

WILDCAT! For nothing really, then a couple yards on the next play for DeAngelo Williams.

3rd and 6, Delhomme has time to read a novel in the pocket, throws into triple coverage and hits Mushin Muhammad for a first down. Thanks for catching those last year asshole.

Another first down to Moose, and a few yards for DeAngelo Williams. 2nd and 7 from the 8. Now Delhomme runs around, way out of the pocket, and should just throw the ball away, but gets saced by Kevin Carter(he's still around?).

Jeff King does his best Braylon Edwards impression and drops an easy pass, not sure if he would've gotten to the first down marker though.

Field goal up for Kasay from 37 yards out... good. 3-0 Panthers.

Bucs with a return out to the 27. A couple plays for nothing that I didn't see. They're talking about Cadillac Williams though so I assume he got the ball. 2nd and 9, Garcia to fullback B.J. Askew for a first down.

Warrick Dunn for a yard right at midfield, 2nd and 9, just over 5 minutes to go in the quarter. Garcia swings one out to Cadillac for 7 yards.

Garcia does a great job escaping pressure, dives forward across the marker for the first down.

Warrick Dunn with a run for 9 yards on 2nd and 10, B.J. Askew then gets the first down with a few on the next play. A tripping penalty makes it 2nd and 15, then Garcia's scrambling everywhere again for a few yards, followed by a pass to Antonio Bryant a couple yards short of the sticks.

Matt Bryant from 40 yards.... off the left upright, no good. Still 3-0 Panthers with 14 seconds left in the first quarter. That's a very disappointing result for the Bucs after they put together a very nice drive.

Jonathan Stewart for 2 yards, quarter over.

2nd Quarter:

The Daily Show again gets the carry, this time with a nice run for 6. Play Action to Steve Smith, nice catch for a first down.


Delhomme running around the field for awhile, finally fines the vacuum guy Brad Hoover wide open, Hoover drops it, would've had an easy first down. On second down, Jonathan Stewart breaks a few tackles and gts a tough handful of yards.

Quick slant to... Dwayne Jarrett? Whaaaaaaa? I forgot he was in the league after having that great career at USC. Anyway, he got the first down. Next handoff to Stewart on a stretch play, loses a few yards.

Brad Hoover with another awful drop. The fans disapprove. 3rd and long to Steve Smith, another awesome catch for a first down. Holy shit is that guy good. Bucs are gonna challenge it, saying he was out of bounds. Looks like he was in.

Roddick's Knee just informed me of a gem I missed on the broadcast. Apparently on the Jarrett catch, Kornheiser said in reference to Delhomme, "He went to Jarrett", as in those Jared jewelry commercials that drive you nuts.

Ruling on the field stands, Panthers ball at the Bucs' 28.

Delhomme rolls out and fires on the sidelines, Ronde Barber comes out of nowhere and picks it off. Not sure if he stayed in bounds though with control, probably another challenge coming. Oh, on challenges, you spend that time drinking as well. Yep, they're challenging this one, and it looks like he caught it. Yep, interception stands.

Dunn runs for 4 yards, then Garcia hits him for a pass for 5 yards. I know our buddy Giff is happy he's seeing the ball, as he needed 15 fantasy points out of Dunn to win his playoff game. Handoff to Askew and he gets the first.

Okay, which one of you is stalking Alyssa Milano? Please don't harm her, we need more pictures like this:

Garcia should've been intercepted the last 2 plays, luckily for him they fell incomplete. The crowd is loud on 3rd and 10, Panthers bring the blitz, and the pass goes to Ike Hilliard and he gets 12 yards for the first down. Tirico points out it's the longest play ofr the night for the Bucs.

Fumble on the next play, but the whistle blew it dead. Wow, he fumbled way before he went down. Somewhere Ed Hochuli is laughing.

Garcia goes deep down the sidelines to Antonio Bryant, caught and down at the 2 yard line. Wow, Bryant burned Steve Smith's good buddy Ken Lucas for the 52 yard play. It looked like he dove for the TD to me before going out of bounds. Tampa calls a timeout, would you challenge this? They've already lost one challenge. I'd just try to get in from the 2 yard line regardless on 4 tries personally.

Replay shows Bryant should've actually been marked down near the 1 as his hand hit down there, but Gruden's out of timeouts as Tirico mentions so he couldn't challenge it anyway. 1st down, incomplete in the back of the end zone.

2nd down, Cadillac is stopped at the line, Jon Beason killed him.

3rd down, Garcia runs all over the field again for at least 10 seconds, tries to force a throw, incomplete. Bucs have to settle for the field goal.

Bryant makes the field goal, 3-3 with 6:35 to go in the first half.

Panthers take the kick back to the 29 yard line, then it's DeAngelo Williams doing the rest. 3 yards, 9 yards, and then breaks free for a 40 yard run. What a damn season he's having. Their running game is just awesome. Now Jonathan Stewart comes in and gets a couple.

On second down, Stewart adds 7 yards with a tough run, and Williams gets first down the next play.

A 7 yard pass to Steve Smith to the 2 yard line, and Stewart pounds it in for a Panthers touchdown. 10-3 Panthers, 1:56 to go in the 2nd quarter.

More in the news of the hot thighs.... Mischa Barton's nude scene in Closing The Ring was named the top nude movie scene of 2008. Also, Amy Smart was naked as usual in a movie this year, and her scene in Mirrors ranked 7th. Our good buddy Toph won't stop telling me how we need to get her on here, so here ya go:

Garcia to Jerramy Stevens for 5 yards on first down, 1:44 to go. Wide receiver screen to Antonio Bryant gets the first down, clock keeps running and remember the Bucs are out of timeouts.

Cornerback blitz by Richard Marshall, Garcia goes down, loss of 6 back to the 33.

Bucs just decide to play it safe and hand the ball to Dunn who gets 7. 3rd and 9 as the clock runs, Garcia sacked again.

10-3 Panthers at half.

3rd Quarter: Corey Brock of MLB.Com is reporting that Padres general manager Kevin Towers has found a 3rd team to get the Jake Peavy deal done, that will send him to the Cubs. That makes me happy, although another starting pitcher wasn't a need for the Cubs. Still, this guy won the Cy Young in 2007.

A few little runs for DeAngelo Williams, but he gets the first down on the third carry. Now Jonathan Stewart with a great run for 28 yards right up the middle, man he's strong.

Delhomme overthrows Steve Smith by 30 yards, but there was a reason for it, illegal contact on Ronde Barber.

Actually, it looks like a bad call and Jaws is not the least bit happy about it. "This is a contact game."

Awful pass by Delhomme, some Bucs dude has it, drops it, then falls down and it lands in his lap. Wow, what a play. There was a flag on the play, but holding on the Panthers, so the interception counts. It was Jermaine Phillips with the pick. Bucs ball at the Panthers 49.

I forgot to mention FlyAtThe Thigh is a huge Panthers fan. And he's not going to like this if it's on the Panthers... deep pass to Antonio Bryant for a touchdown, and the flag is on the Panthers.

10-10 game, 11:23 to go in the third quarter.

DeAngelo Williams loses 2 yards, Steve Smith with a catch for 7 yards, now Moose on a slant route for a first down.

Delhomme follows that up with a nice pass to Steve Smith for 12, and DeAngelo Williams for 7 yards.

Now he throws deep to Steve Smith who is wide open in the end zone, 38 yard touchdown.

17-10 Panthers.

Tampa Bay starts out with the ball at the 31. First play is pass in the flat to Warrick Dunn who gets 2, but it was a good job to not lose yards. Now he gets the carry and runs for 9 yards. There ya go Giff!

Pass to Antonio Bryant for 4 yards, then Dunn runs for 1. 3rd and 5. Pass to the tight end Jerramy Stevens who reaches across for a first down, barely. Whoa, awful spot by the refs and it's 4th and 1. He reached over the marker by a good yard. Anyway, Gruden doesn't want to use his last challenge and is going for it, Askew gets the first down.

Garcia going deep, hits Bryant again. Man, deep pass after deep pass in this game. But Bryant spikes the ball right away and gets a delay of game 5 yard penalty. Bucs ball at about the Carolina 13.

Cadillac for no gain, but unnecessary roughness on Tyler Brayton. Cadillac then takes it into the end zone, 17-17.

What a game for Jeff Garcia so far by the way: 15/20, 220 yards, 2 TD. He can thank Antonio Bryant: 7 catches, 171 yards, 1 TD.

Panthers start with the ball at the 28, and Delhomme to Steve Smith again for a first down on the first play. DeAngelo Williams gets a few plays and a first down, then Jonathan Stewart for 18 yards to the Tampa Bay 30.

Delhomme passes to Steve Smith and why wouldn't he, first down to the Tampa Bay 19. End of the quarter, what a game.

4th Quarter:

Jonathan Stewart keeps kicking ass, this time he gets 9 yards. A couple plays later, he's into the end zone for a touchdown. I'm sure Fly is having some fun at the bar right now. 24-17 Panthers.

At the 28, Dunn for 6 yards, and with a catch for 9 yards to get the first down.

Bucs can't do anything on the next plays, Garcia has nowhere to go and is sacked by Julius Peppers, Bucs have to punt.

Holding on the Panthers on their punt return, they'll have the ball at their own 10. Time for a piss and another beer. DRINK UP! CHUG DAMMIT!

DeAngelo Williams is a stud. 41 yard run.

So is Jonathan Stewart, 30 yard run.

Oh did I mention DeAngelo Williams is a stud? 16 yard touchdown. 31-17 Panthers.

On the kickoff, one of the up men fields it, falls down, gets back up and gets around their own 40. 8:23 to go.

Garcia to Dunn and he just drops it. As impressive as some of the receiving as been in this game, there's been some bad drops.

Garcia with a strike to Michael Clayton, not the movie, for a first down to midfield.

Screen pass to Dunn... he drops it again. Giff must be close to breaking his television.

Sorry I stepped away for a few minutes, this one's just about done. 3rd and 10 for the Bucs from their own 18, first down on a pass to Antonio Bryant.

Warrick Dunn runs for 12 yards, then Garcia on a great seam pass to tight end Alex Smith for 20 yards. Maybe this one isn't over and I spoke too soon.'

Garcia to Hilliard for 8, Dunn for 5, then to Stevens for 8.

From the 15 yard line, Garcia to Antonio Bryant in the end zone, one of the best catches of the year. Dammit Tirico just said that too!

Wow, the extra point is blocked. It's 31-23 now, with 2:29 left.

Onside kick attempt...

DeAngelo Williams gets 6 yards on 2 carries, 2:17 to go and it will be 3rd and 4. Bucs are out of timeouts so if he gets the first down here that'll be the game.

He gets the first down... and plenty more. A 36 yard touchdown. 17 carries, 186 yards, and 2 TD. He'll be on my fantasy studs list tonight/tomorrow that you can find on Fan IQ.

38-23 Panthers, 300 yards rushing.

Dante Wesley who sucked on the Bears last year, of course gets an interception, but with under 2 minutes it's reviewed by the refs and it looks like it hit the ground. It's gonna be 4th and 1 with 1:16 left.

4th and 1 again, and again Dante Wesley thought he had an interception, and it again it's ruled incomplete. Anyway, game over.

Panthers are 10-3, have Denver at home, then they go to New York Giants then to New Orleans to play the Saints. If they win out, they'll have the #1 seed in the NFC. Maybe they'll finally get some respect now. Congrats Fly.

Thanks to all of you that read the blog and hopefully you got drunk.

Final: 38-23 Panthers.

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