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Thigh-Fiving These Links

Posted by Matt Clapp | 12/30/2008 02:00:00 AM |

I read a ton of great blogs and websites out there everyday, and I figured I'd start sharing them with you. I don't know if this will be a daily thing, a few times a week, or every once in awhile, we'll see. I shouldn't say daily because at the moment I don't intend to do this again tomorrow, but we'll see.

It also gives me a chance to give some shout outs to friends of our blog who have done a lot for us, and they've got great blogs that need to be read so I'll do my best to help that happen. So will you dammit!

Feel free to e-mail me( if you have a link that you think we'd like that relates to sports, entertainment, booze, the ladies... and their thighs.

Without further ado, I bring you the first edition of "Thigh-Fiving These Links"...

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