Thigh Of The Week: Denise Milani | Sharapova's Thigh

Denise Milani
Those are some impressive, stunning, eye-opening, unbelievably real... thighs. Oh, and on a side note, those breasts are also real, and they're spectacular.

Denise Milani was suggested by a reader of ours, and I'm amazed to say I had never heard of her. To the best of my knowledge, she's the first woman from the Czech Republic that we've put on the site.

Nicknamed the "New Queen of Eroticism", the 28-year-old Milani is best known for her Internet modeling on her website DeniseMilani.Com. She's also featured on PinupFiles.Com, and as a model for the terrific sports blog SportsByBrooks.Com.

Denise is a huge hockey fan, particularly of the Los Angeles Kings. No word on if she's dated Sean Avery and if you'd be dealing with some "sloppy

Oh, and as for the boobs(which you may have noticed), they're real, and they're spectacular.

Update: At Baron's request, here's a video of the lovely Milani in a hot tub...

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