Thigh Of The Week: Maggie Q | Sharapova's Thigh

Maggie Q

I'm watching Balls of Fury right now and am being introduced to a gorgeous woman that goes by the name Maggie Q. I'd never heard of her or seen her before, you probably have. Anyway, I'm glad I'm finally seeing this absolutely breathtaking body.

I mean this girl is fit. Kournikova and obviously Sharapova have some well-conditioned thigh but the tone on Q's would be difficult to top. She's walking around in this movie in camel toe shorts and a little black top, I'm about to burst.

Maggie's Vietnamese-American, and she got popular as an actor in Hong Kong. She did a bunch of Asian films, and first appeared in a major American film with Mission Impossible III. She then was in Live Free or Die Hard, followed by Balls of Fury.

At 29 she's in her prime, so please get this bod in more movies and magazine covers now!

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