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MLB Trade Deadline Running Blog...Directory Post

Posted by FlyAtTheThigh | 7/31/2008 03:30:00 PM |

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Manny To The Dodgers In a 3-Way Deal, Bay To The Red Sox, 4 Prospects To The Buccos

LaTroy Hawkins for Infield prospect Matt Cusick

Kyle Farnsworth for Ivan Rodriguez

Griffey to White Sox(done deal now) - Updated 1:01 PM et

Arthur Rhodes to Marlins - Updated 1:07 PM et

Cards To Trade Kyle Lohse? - Updated 1:20 PM et

Red Sox And Yankees Going After Scott Eyre...He's Not Going Anywhere- Updated 4:20 PM ET

Jason Bay or Raul Ibanez To The Blue Jays?

Jason Bay Is A Ray...NOT!- Updated 4:08 ET

Rumor: Joel Hanrahan to White Sox - Updated 4:02 PM ET

I dunno how we're gonna work this once Clapp et al show up...but I'm just gonna keep making individual posts.

Manny Ramirez is rumored to be going to the Marlins. I'm sure you've seen plenty of this if you've been on ESPN tonight. My question is, if you're Florida, what are you going to do with him? Josh Willingham is already in left, and I have serious doubts that he can play right (as I read/heard that Hermida is considered to be leaving in the deal). You certainly cannot play Manny in right field...he is absolutely atrocious when away from that short Fenway left field.

Rumors are also that the Red Sox would flip whatever they were getting from Florida for Jason Bay. My thinking is this...is Jason Bay going to command such a premium that Florida could not move for him themselves? I'd take Bay's defense over Manny's, and at last look they were having comparable years. Bay is signed for 09 (which may be a hindrance to Florida ownership, sadly) whereas Manny has 2 20 million dollar option years (which Florida would never, ever pick up).

Looking at this from the other side, there is absolutely no reason the Pirates should not clean up on Bay...both Tampa and Boston are heavily interested in him, apparently. Both those teams have solid farms. Barring an absolute botching of this by Pirates management...and Dave Littlefield is not there to execute this plan...the Pirates should really get 2-3 really, really good prospects in return for Bay. Maybe even studs. Reid Brignac? I'd imagine that Tampa would move anyone not named Price.

More to come. Comments always appreciated.

Edit - 9:45 - As Theriot drives in 2 with a triple, I just wanted to add to this Manny ordeal that, after stating that the Red Sox don't deserve a player like Manny, one has has to imagine that Manny may have forced Boston's hand this year. Although if history shows anything, Manny will say tomorrow he loves the Red Sox, it was taken out of context, it was just Manny being Manny, he'll hit a homerun, and all will be well. Then the Red Sox will foolishly pick up his 20 million dollar option and we'll see this entire song and dance again next year.

Edit - 11:24 - Per RotoWorld:

Will Carroll of Baseball Prospectus says the Red Sox, Pirates and Marlins have agreed to a three-team Manny Ramirez deal, pending Ramirez waiving his no-trade clause and league approval.
Carroll, not normally one of our preferred sources, has the Red Sox getting Jason Bay and John Grabow; the Marlins acquiring Ramirez, cash and a prospect from the Red Sox and the Pirates picking up Jeremy Hermida, two prospects from the Marlins and one from Boston.

I have to say, I really don't understand this. If I'm the Marlins, I'd send Hermida and the two prospects for Bay and say to hell with Grabow. Instead, the Marlins are going to be taking on a defensive liability who is going to bounce at the end of the year. It's entirely possible that the Marlins are already preparing for their post-contention break-up. Or maybe they prefer the 2 picks to Jason Bay.

For Pittsburgh's sake, I hope they get legit prospects this time.

Edit - 11:45 - More news, ripped from RotoWorld:

ESPN's Peter Gammons says a Manny Ramirez deal is not done, in part because the Pirates aren't yet satisfield with their return for Jason Bay.
Gammons talked to Ramirez's agent, Scott Boras, who said he's yet to be informed of anything. Still, Gammons seems to be changing his tune on a deal getting done. Whether or not the Pirates are involved, Gammons believes Ramirez will be moved to the Marlins following his remarks Wednesday about the Red Sox not deserving him. The proposed three-team deal has Boston getting Bay and John Grabow from the Pirates and Pittsburgh picking up Jeremy Hermida and prospects. The matter apparently won't be decided until just before the deadline.

Hard to judge where the Pirates stand on this matter seeing as the prospects have not yet been revealed. It's good to see them (if you're a fan of the Pirates, at least) realizing that they're in a position of power here and they can always trade Bay next year.

Edit - 1:09 - SI.com is reporting that the Manny to Florida deal is close, though the Pirates may or may not be involved. I still think it's beyond a little crazy for Florida to make this move, but that's just me.

The deal is going to have to be approved by the commissioner as the Red Sox would be paying about 7 million dollars on Manny's contract, per SI.

Edit- 7/31/-12:55 pm et- Peter Gammons reports that the deal is almost dead.

Furthermore, SportsCenter reports that Manny would approve a deal to the Marlins... but there's no deal yet.

Edit - 7/31 - 2:12 pm et - From RotoWorld:

FOXSports.com's Ken Rosenthal has joined ESPN's Jayson Stark in saying that the three-team Manny Ramirez deal is "dead."
Rosenthal's source is an executive with one of the teams. The three-team trade had Manny Ramirez going to Florda, Jason Bay to Boston and Jeremy Hermida to Pittsburgh. John Grabow also likely would have changed hands somehow. It's unclear whether the Pirates' demands for prospects or the Marlins' quest for cash killed it. For what it's worth, Ramirez also denied that he had approved a trade to Florida.
Edit - 7/31 - 2:49 pm et - From SI.com -

Manny has apparently approved a deal to any and all teams. The Dodgers have re-entered the fray and are offering Andre Ethier and not Matt Kemp for Manny. Personally, I like Ethier and think he's been a bit unlucky this year...but that might be too small a return on Manny in spite of Manny's current year.

Kemp is an enigma. Every time I've seen him hit, he looks baffled by the major league curveball. The Dodgers moving for another outfielder is really odd, too, considering they have an abundance of expensive outfielders already. Trading Ethier or Kemp would lessen that, but what does that do to Pierre? Back to CF? Andruw Jones then?

Edit - 7/31 - 4:10 pm et - Ken Rosenthal has reported both that the Manny trade was back alive with the falling through of the Bay to Tampa deal and now that it is dead as well. I am skeptical that one of the two deals won't go through.

Plus, one would imagine that Manny really has to be moved at this point.

Edit - 7/31 - 4:33 PM ET - Ken Rosenthal sucks. NESN and The Boston Globe are reporting that Manny has been traded to the Dodgers in a 3 team deal, netting the Red Sox Jason Bay.

We shall see, once again.

Edit(Clapp)--7/31-5:00 PM ET- ESPN reports Manny is a Dodger! Jason Bay is going to the Red Sox as well. The Pirates get top third base prospect Andy LaRoche from the Dodgers, and right-handed pitcher Bryan Morris. They also get outfielder Brandon Moss, and hard-throwing reliever Craig Hansen.
Gotta like this deal for the Dodgers, as adding Manny likely makes them the favorites to win the up for grabs NL West. The Red Sox? Well, Jason Bay's damn good, and signed through next year. But... he's no Manny. But... it didn't appear it could work with Manny and they had to go their separate ways, and the Red Sox at least got something very very useful for him before he would've bolted for free agency in the offseason. The Pirates get 4 young players out of this, at least 3 of which will help them right away. Brandon Moss will likely start in left field for them, Craig Hansen is a potential closer of the future and might get the chance now even with Matt Capps being hurt, and Andy LaRoche is an on-base machine at third base. He'll likely start immediately.

Jayson Stark reports that the Red Sox and Yankees are both very interested in Cubs left-handed reliever Scott Eyre. Steve Phillips just mentioned the likelihood of the Cubs trading Eyre as well. He's apparently fallen out of favor with manager Lou Piniella, as he has not pitched at all since being activated from the disabled list following a groin injury on July 23rd. Lou has instead used lefties Sean Marshall and Neal Cotts over Eyre.
The 36-year-old reliever has a 4.91 ERA in only 11 innings pitched in 2008.

Update-(4:20 PM ET): I'm watching the Cubs destroy the Brewers yet again, and Eyre is warming up. It's past the deadline... so yeah, he's obviously not being traded.

From Rotoworld:

According to Nationals writer Bill Ladson, Washington is discussing Joel Hanrahan, not John Lannan, with the White Sox.
That makes a lot more sense. The White Sox would prefer a reliever anyway, and Lannan is someone the Nationals look at as a building block. Hanrahan won't come cheap, either, but he is a more realistic target.

Interesting move as I was of the opinion that the White Sox had a good pen already (Joe Morgan says it's the best over. Of course, he's an idiot). And Javier Vazquez has been absolute ass recently. Apparently they covet a reliever, though. Whatever. Seems like a waste of assets to me.

Hanrahan has 69 Ks in 61 IPs against 32 BBs. It'll be interesting to see what he commands

Edit - 4:02 PM ET - Rumors are starting to flow that the deal would be Nick Swisher for John Lannan and Joel Hanrahan. It's nothing but a rumor at this point and I can't even get a good link on it. Just something to keep an eye on.

I'm not sure why the Nats would make a move for Swisher as opposed to prospects. And I'm not sure how Swisher is commanding 2 major league ready players right now considering his meh year.

The deadline has come and gone now. Deals should continue to come in.

We continue to stalk Stark. He says that the Jason Bay to the Tampa Bay Rays talks are back on. The Rays certainly have the prospects to dangle for Bay, and he'd be a huge lift to a team that's trying to hold off the defending champion Red Sox, and the improving Yankees for the AL East division title. They are currently 3 games up.
The Rays acquiring Bay certainly makes more sense than the Blue Jays doing so.

Update-3:10 PM ET: Jason Bay is indeed a Tampa Bay Ray apparently. The Pirates get Reid Brignac and Jeff Niemann.

Fly: Tampa immediately becomes better and gets another RH bat for that lineup. The Pirates get two really good prospects. I mentioned Brignac as being a possibility to move earlier during our coverage, and it has indeed happened. Whether the Pirates would have gotten more through the Manny three-way, who knows as those prospects weren't named.

I think it's a good move for both, addressing needs on both sides. Niemann is a good pitching prospect, Brignac is 22, in AAA, and not looking completely overmatched (slash stats iffy, does have 9 bombs). It'll be interesting to see if the Pirates handle him carefully or rush him up to replace Jack Wilson.

Updated - 3:54 PM ET - The Tampa Tribune is reporting that the deal is not yet official. A MLB beat writer is saying it is. Take that for what you will.

Updated - 4:08 PM ET - Ken Rosenthal is now reporting that the Jason Bay to Tampa deal is dead. But then, who really knows?

More from Jayson Stark... this time from what I just saw him say on ESPNEWS. With the Jason Bay trade to the Red Sox(aka the Manny trade) appearing to be dead, there's still plenty of interest for the slugging Canadian left fielder. In fact, he might be headed back to Canada to play for the Blue Jays as Stark says they're in talks with the Pirates. They're also very interested in Mariners outfielder Raul Ibanez, who would be a good run-producer in the middle of the order, and a 2 month rental as he's a free agent at the end of the year. The Cubs have been in discussions for the 36-year-old Ibanez as well. He's hitting .279, with 15 homers, 62 RBI in an awful lineup, and has an .810 OPS. Not bad in the pitcher's park that is Safeco Field.
The Blue Jays are currently 9.5 games out of the division, and 6.5 out of the Wild Card with 5 teams in front of them, so it's a bit surprising they appear to be buyers right now.

The Mariners have traded 38 year old left-handed reliever Aurthur Rhodes to the Marlins in exchange for pitching prospect Gabby Hernandez. Rhodes who did not play in 2007 has returned to put up good numbers for Seattle this year. The situational lefty has a 2.86 ERA in 36 games and left handed hitters are hitting just .195 against him. He should be a nice addition to a young Marlins pitching staff.

Hernandez, just 22 years old, has struggled this year in the Marlins system, but showed good potential early in his career, the Mariners are hoping he still has a chance to become a major league starter.

Edit(Fly) - 1:07 - Wow. This is really, really stupid. In what world do you trade a 22 year old starting pitcher, no matter how good or bad his year is going, for Arthur Rhodes?

I, like the rest of the God-fearing world, had no idea Arthur Rhodes was still pitching.

According to numerous sources, Reds OF Ken Griffey Jr. has been traded to the White Sox pending his approval. I guess Carl Everett was not available this year for Kenny Williams to deal for. Griffey who has over 10 years of major league service and more than 5 with his current team has the right to veto any deal if he chooses. However, the deal would seem to make sense for Griffey, he has been on a struggling Reds club for far to long as is likely to jump at a chance to leave.

This move is a curious one for the White Sox. They will have to make room for Griffey by sitting either Jim Thome or Paul Konerko on the bench. Both players are struggling this year but are making large salaries. The veteran Griffey is struggling some this year in his own right, hitting just .245 with an OPS below 800. Griffey would also have to play everyday in center field, something he hasn't done on a regular basis in a couple years. If the deal goes final we will let you know.

Update: ESPN is now reporting Griffey has approved the deal and is headed to the White Sox. The Reds will receive RHP Nick Masset and 2B Danny Richar in return.

Edit(Fly) - 1:01 - An odd move all around...Masset has pretty bad numbers and is already 26. Richar s 24 and is probably pretty much what he's going to be...a small power middle infielder. I have trouble declaring him a prospect.

Griffey is having an okay year and would provide an offensive upgrade across the board. I would assume this sends Konerko to the bench (dropped him on fantasy at the perfect time). But my understanding was that he'd been moved to RF to help his injury situation. Move him to CF and all bets are off. It's really a low risk, high reward proposition for the White Sox, though...they didn't give up anything that should have been in their long term plans.

ESPN's Jayson Stark reports on the possibility of the Cardinals trading starting pitcher Kyle Lohse, who's been the ace on the team currently tied for the NL Wild Card with the Brewers, and just four games behind the Cubs for the NL Central lead.
Why would they do this? That's what I'm trying to figure out, but I doubt they are just dangling him out there. I think they'd want a Jason Bay type of bat in return. Stark says they would like to get a reliever in such a deal as well.
Of course, as Stark reports, Lohse is a Scott Boras client, and he'll likely be looking for a ridiculous deal in the off-season following this great year.
The return of Chris Carpenter last night was very encouraging for the Cards. Adam Wainwright is also due back soon, although rumors are that the Cards will put him in the bullpen.

Edit - 1:20 - It's a smart move for the Cardinals to move this guy. His numbers don't instill much confidence in his ability to keep up his current level of production through the rest of the year. However, that is putting a lot of faith in Carpenter's repaired shoulder.

Yes, Houston. The same Houston that traded for Randy Wolf a week or so ago. The same Houston that is in fourth place. Ed Wade, you magnificent bastard! You have now moved a 22 year old infield prospect (Matt Cusick) who had slash stats of .285/.356/.462 in the Sally league. And for what? A middle reliever/setup guy who was DFA'd by New York. What, couldn't wait for him to clear waivers? Worried that he might not fall to you? Seriously?

What good is LaTroy Hawkins to the Astros this year? This is like the Pirates trading for Matt Morris last year all over again. At least the Yankees will be paying the rest of Hawkins' salary...but this is a deal that never should have been made. Maybe Wade is shiftily acquiring major league arms in an attempt to trade them a second time by the deadline tomorrow. Houston fans better hope so...

So we're within 24 hours of the non-waiver deadline and I am gonna go ahead and start the festivities.

The Yanks have traded Kyle Farnsworth to the Tigers for Ivan Rodriguez.

An interesting move for both teams. Farnsworth has had a good, not great year for the Yankees. It will be interesting to see if the Tigers make him a closer now that Todd Jones has lost the job and Fernando Rodney (the current "closer") kind of stinks. My fantasy team waits anxiously.

Pudge isn't the same player he was a few years back. He'll hit more than Jose Molina, but I doubt he can throw out runners at the same clip that Molina has this year. Pudge has been a lot better with the stick recently, but he's not the all world Catcher he was back in his prime.

It'll be interesting to see how the salaries are paid. Someone who is more in the know, leave me a comment. I think Pudge is due the remainder of his 10 million for this year (and his deferred money). Farnsworth is due the remainder of his 5.5 million for this year. Both are Free Agents after the season.

MLB Trade Deadline Running Blog On Thursday

Posted by Matt Clapp | 7/29/2008 10:10:00 PM | ,

I believe the deadline is officially at 4 pm ET, somewhere around there anyway, and we'll get the blog started whenever a notable deal gets done in the morning.
We'll report the deals and give some analysis and random comments, for whatever that's worth to ya.
I'll be here, probably Fly and Fella as well.
We love baseball, and we love the trade deadline, so should be a kickass day.

UPDATE(7/29): Mark Teixeira is indeed an Angel. Casey Kotchman is reportedly involved in the deal, heading to Atlanta. MLB.com reports that Minor League pitcher Stephen Marek will also go to the Braves. The Braves will have Kotchman under their control through 2011, so I like this deal for them considering the unlikelihood they would be able to retain Teixeira in the offseason. He should be looking for around $20 million per year. As for the Angels, this makes the best team in baseball even better.

(7/22) Is the Braves star first baseman Mark Teixeira going to the Angels for their top prospect, power-hitting third baseman Brandon Wood? That's what we're hearing from a friend "in the know". No word on who else is involved in the deal.

There's been rumors of Tex going to the Angels for weeks, and it makes perfect sense for them. They currently have the best record in baseball, but are 10th in the AL in scoring runs, so he'd immediately provide a big boost to that lineup, likely hitting behind Vladimir Guerrero.

Brandon Wood struggled so far in his limited time with the Angels, but is a premier power prospect, capable of 40 homers in the eyes of many scouts. Where the Braves would play him is up for debate. He's a third baseman/shortstop, with most seeing him at the hot corner for his big league future. I wouldn't be surprised to see Chipper and his aging body moved to the less stressful position of first base.

We'll keep you updated.

ESPN TitleTown is over!

Posted by FlyAtTheThigh | 7/29/2008 10:38:00 AM | , ,

I'm not putting a picture up or anything. Essentially, I am putting as much thought into this blog as ESPN put into their concept.

Valdosta, GA is Titletown, USA. Parkersburg, WV came in second. Worthwhile "candidates" like Boston, New York, or LA? Please. You're an uninformed sap if you're not taking into account how difficult and important it was that these towns have high school powerhouses.

So ends another retarded ESPN segment. We now just wait for the next enthralling edition of "Who's now?".

Battlebots Coming Back!

Posted by Baron | 7/28/2008 11:53:00 AM | , , ,

Hi, I used to post here, but then I got an internship this summer so I've been super busy. I'll post more with going back to school and College Football coming up. Anyways...

Robots fighting each other to the "death", how awesome is that? Battlebots is coming back and its going to be on ESPN according to Wikipedia:
In February 2008, BattleBots announced that ESPN had offered to broadcast a "Collegiate BattleBots Championship" competition limited to a single 160-pound weightclass to be held during the summer of 2008. Plans call for a "professional" 220-pound class tournament to be filmed at the same time, but the broadcast deal is for the college teams only. The competition has been delayed until November.
I was going to say that El Diablo was my favorite, but looking at pictures there were so many cool bots like BioHazard, Minion, Alpha Raptor, Toro... and Grant from the Mythbusters own Deadblow:

Wow, I sound like such a nerd, but I know what I will be watching on ESPN this fall (besides college football).

Speaking of NCAA Football, Clapp, Fly and I are in an online Dynasty, heading into week 13 I am 9-2, Fly is 8-3 while Clapp finished the year 6-6...

The Chicago Cubs, who have struggled mightily at the plate since the All-star break, sunk to a new low today. Hall of Fame pitcher Bob Feller, who has been dreaming for nearly 50 years to pitch just one more major league game, finally got his chance. The 89-year-old hurler (shown in action to the right) took the mound Saturday against the Chicago Cubs and wowed them for 9 full innings. Feller who featured a 31 mph fastball and a 12 to 11 and a half breaking curveball allowed only 1 hit while striking out 16 Cubs. The lone hit came in the 6th inning by Cubs pitcher Rich Harden who hit a comebacker to the mound. Feller took too much time getting to the grounder, which rolled to within 2 feet in front of him. When he reached the ball Harden was already safely on first base. "Thats a long way for a guy my age to walk", Feller told reporters afterwards.

Cubs pitcher Rich Harden also shined in the game allowing only one hit, a solo home run, while striking out 14 in 7 innings. Despite his 0.84 ERA, Harden remains winless since the Cubs acquired him from Oakland.

Despite the Cubs continued struggles, 2nd baseman Mark Derosa stayed optimistic: "We are really hoping that tomorrow we can score a run", DeRosa said. "This Feller guy is great, he has over 250 career wins, We have been trying really hard to knock the pumpkins out of the train and we think tomorrow is the day we do it!"The Cubs whose 1st place lead has now all but disappeared better hope he is right, or they will find themselves at home in October.

As for Feller, the 89-year-old Hall of Famer says that despite his success against the Cubs, this will be his last game. "I'm not sure I could do this against any other team", he said. "I really figured my Fastball would get hit pretty hard today, but it was just fast enough". Feller finishes his career with 267 victories against only 162 defeats.

Stacy Keibler might be more deserving of this award than anybody, due to her amazing 42 inch legs.
Stacy was formerly part of the wrestling world in WCW and WWE, where she earned the nicknames "The Legs Of WCW" and "The Legs Of WWE".
The 28-year-old also was on the second season of Dancing With The Stars, placing third, and earning the nickname "The Weapon Of Mass Seduction".
The former Baltimore Ravens cheerleader obviously trains a lot to make sure that body stays breathtaking, and was actually the fitness editor at Stuff in 2005 and 2006.
Maxim named her #5 in their 2006 "Hot 100" list, and FHM ranked her #64 in their "100 Sexiest Women" list this year.
She's declined to pose for Playboy multiple times unfortunately. So hopefully the paparazzi is following her around like crazy and find her at a nude beach soon. We can only hope.

Here, we see the fairly attractive, certainly doable even while sober female in a verbal cat fight of sorts, with fellow IndyCar racer Milka Duno at the Mid-Ohio IndyCar practice round on Saturday.

...stop this madness. This man is not good at his job. He's not even in the same zip code as good. Joe Morgan:Baseball Announcing::Fly:Stripping. And yet, he's ESPN's premier color commentator.

Tonight, during the Red Sox/Angels game, Joe Morgan dropped the following on us:

"Cesar Geronimo is the most underrated player on the Big Red Machine."

Cesar Geronimo's career line:



Maybe Joe is confused between the definitions of "underrated" and "bad".

Career OPS+ of 93.

People, this man not only has a vote for Hall of Fame entry, but is in some sort of position of power. I don't have the time to look it up. Why should I? Mr. Morgan does not take the time to learn anything about anything he is saying, and I assume he is paid handsomely. I, on the other hand, get nothing. I'm looking at you, Clapp...

It's been a while folks....

Posted by Poorly Acquitted | 7/19/2008 02:23:00 PM | , , , ,

Oh hey, its me. Yeah I still post here. I've been stuck in Los Angeles this summer subletting from a Korean student who doesn't have cable or internet. Needless to say I wouldn't have sublet from her if those facts would have been available to me at the time of leasing. It's ok though because she won't be getting her August rent since I had to endure the summer without internet. I think its fair. I could have gone somewhere with free wifi before today, but why would I when I can day drink at the beach, go to Dodgers games (even though I could care less about the Dodgers) or take weekend trips to Vegas?

Yeah, so what a weird summer. Rays are still awesome. Indians suck. Brewers management made a bold move. The NL West is trying to set records for suckitude. Oh yeah, and the college football Blue Ribbon previews came out this week.

The Blue Ribbon previews are always my official signal that football is just around the corner. Combine that NFL mini camps and I have a hard on. I won't deny that the Indians demise has contributed to my excitement for football, but I was this same way last summer when they were good.

Football has overtaken baseball as America's Pasttime. Throw in added extras this year like reuniting Dan Patrick and Keith Olbermann and it doesn't get much better.

Rhetorical question: What are the odds that Olbermann and Patrick turn Football Night in America into a political talk show. I say 8:1. If it happens I'll be pissed.

Autumn Reeser

If you didn't watch The O.C. like I did(stop laughing at me, you know you watched at least once), you probably have no clue who this luscious 27-year-old woman is. Autumn played one of the main characters in the show, Taylor Townsend. With her, former Thigh Of The Week Rachel Bilson, Mischa Barton, and other random hotties running around in skimpy clothes during the show, it at least offered plenty of eye candy if not good acting.

Aside from The O.C., I've seen Autumn in a great episode of It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia, and apparently I saw her in The Girl Next Door, but I was probably just too focused on Elisha Cuthbert to notice anything else going on in the movie.

Really, Autumn's an extremely underrated hottie, and we need to see that body on television much more. Preferably, sans clothing of course.

Because the biggest dipshit analyst in college basketball broadcasting is out at CBS... FINALLY.

Billy "Fudge" Packer will be replaced by Clark Kellogg as the lead analyst for the NCAA Tournament after holding the job for the last 27 years.

I enjoy the NCAA Tournament every year simply because I think it's the greatest event in sports, but it's still never been as enjoyable as it could be with Packer's shitty broadcasting. This past March, I found myself yelling at the television in disagreement of at least half of everything Packer said. With Packer out and the terrific Clark Kellogg taking over, I don't have to consider watching the game on mute anymore.

Now, if only CBS would give Gus Johnson more games, and ideally replace Jim Nantz as the lead play-by-play man.


No surprise to us that the Thigh Goddess comes out on top.
The rankings were determined by votes from Maxim readers.
Specifically, their feature is called "The 8 Hottest Tennis Players In The World".

Here's the official results:

1. Maria Sharapova
2. Ana Ivanovic
3. Anastasia Myskina
4. Maria Kirilenko
5. Ashley Harkleroad
6. Jelena Dokic
7. Daniela Hantuchova
8. Nicole Vaidisova


Florida Marlins rookie pitcher Chris Volstad made his first career start Friday night against the Los Angeles Dodgers, and was magnificent, earning the victory after allowing just one run in 8 2/3 innings.

Volstad seemed to be wearing down in the 9th inning, allowing a run, followed by a single to bring up possible future Hall of Famer Jeff Kent to the plate representing the tying run.

So Marlins manager Fredi Gonzalez wisely removed his young pitcher from the game, assuring that Volstad could not earn a loss after pitching so well, and because he had reached 100 pitches. The Marlins don't want Volstad going more than 100 pitches or so yet to protect his great young arm, and heck, few pitchers in all of baseball will go more than 120 pitches these days.

But if Volstad could've have gotten just one more out, he would've been the first Marlin to pitch a complete game since late 2006.

Meanwhile, north of the border in Toronto, Blue Jays pitcher Roy Halladay put together a masterpiece of his own Friday night against the New York Yankees. The 31-year-old right-hander went the distance against the Yankees in a two-hit shutout.

But for Halladay, this was just another day at the office. The possible A.L. starting pitcher for the All-Star Game now has seven complete games on the season. Not impressed yet? Seven complete games is more than any other team has from their pitchers this season. Halladay has that many by himself. The Marlins haven't tossed a complete game since 2006, and Halladay's tossed seven in just this first half of the season. Think about that.

And the Colorado native has done this for years. He now has 38 career complete games, 14 of which since the beginning of 2007, and 11 career shutouts.

In an era where pitchers are going down with arm injuries like never before, Halladay is simply one of a kind. Ask the Mark Mulder's and Mark Prior's of the world how easy it is to stay healthy as a pitcher.

The amount of innings Halladay is able to throw each year is remarkable, but what's even more impressive is how well he is able to pitch in all of these innings. There's some pitchers out there that can throw 200+ innings a season without much strain on their body, but none are able to do it with results even comparable to Halladay.

At 31, Halladay just seems to be getting even better too, even after all of these innings pitched. He has an ERA of 2.71, down exactly one run from his 3.71 ERA in 2007. "Doc" Halladay has 11 wins, while pitching for a team with one of the worst offenses in the American League.

What's really eye-opening are his strikeout numbers in comparison to the last few seasons. In 2006, Halladay went 16-5 with a 3.19 ERA, striking out 132 batters in 220 innings pitched. Last year he went 16-7, with the aforementioned 3.71 ERA, and 139 strikeouts in 225.1 innings pitched. He was very effective as displayed by the wins and ERA's, but the strikeout numbers weren't all that spectacular.

Well, in 2008, he's amassed 121 strikeouts in 146.1 innings pitched, averaging 7.44 strikeouts per 9 innings pitched. That's the best rate he's striking out hitters since 2001. Furthermore, he's able to be a power pitcher again without walking hitters, as he has 100 more strikeouts than walks.

What's unfortunate is this guy doesn't get the recognition he deserves, because he plays in Canada. He's one of the best pitchers in baseball year in and year out, but many casual baseball fans know little about him. One thing's for sure though: MLB hitters are well aware of who he is, and they certainly don't enjoy facing him.

The 2003 AL Cy Young winner has a great chance to win the award again this season. With his consistency, and the fact he'll go out there every fifth day without a problem, I wouldn't bet against him.

Ali Larter
I came across that picture of Ali at the top, and I just had to put it on this site. That's easily one of the top ten hottest pictures of a chick I've ever seen, when they're wearing clothes.
Ali's well-known for her scene in Varsity Blues where she has whipped cream covering only her knockers and cooch. Hell, I haven't even seen Varsity Blues, and I'm well familiar with that scene.

Like our last Thigh of the Week, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Larter's been a part of the craptastic Final Destination movies, appearing in the first two parts of the trilogy. Other films she was in include House On Haunted Hill, Legally Blonde, and Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back.
But Ali is most recognized for playing Niki Sanders in the television series Heroes, or so they tell me. I've never seen the show, but if you want to learn more about it, go find Ace over at The Cubs Brickyard. He's obsessed with that show.

Back to Ali, she ranked #6 on Maxim's "Hot 100" list for 2007, and we certainly cannot disagree with that ranking.

Jim Hendry: An Evaluation

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Most of the contributors at this blog (maybe all, I have no idea) are Cubs fans. As such, we are all somewhere between fairly and really happy about getting a risk with the talent of Rich Harden for Gallagher and assorted junk. The move got me thinking, though...the Cubs' GM Jim Hendry has received a lot of flack from Cubs fans for some of his bad moves and seems to have his good moves overlooked. So what I have prepared is a move-by-move breakdown, including my analysis and win/loss for the Cubs determination. I invite you, dear reader, to provide us with your analysis in the comments section. I will be grading all trades based on what the players became after the move. Don't like that? Can't help you...I can't remember all of the Cubs' needs when these trades were made.

I will probably miss a move or two here. My apologies.

And these are JUST the trades.


Cubs get:
Matt Clement
Antonio Alfonseca

Marlins get:
Julian Tavarez
Dontrelle Willis
Jose Cueto
Ryan Jorgensen

Analysis - A rough start to Hendry's regime because of what Dontrelle Willis turned out to be. He gave the Marlins 4 very good years after the deal. Clement would give the Cubs 3 good years, although they were undervalued due to his Win/Loss record (36-31 as a Cub). Alfonseca was painfully bad. Jorgensen and Cueto are irrelevant.

After-the-fact W/L - L


Cubs get:
Eric Karros
Mark Grudzielanek

Dodgers get:
Todd Hundley
Chad Hermansen

Analysis - One of the all-time 'what?!' deals. Todd Hundley was coming off of a year where he OPSed 722 after having OPSed 642 the year before. He was also due 13.5 million over the remainder of his contract. Chad Hermansen was, at best, a fifth outfielder. In return, Hendry took on the contracts of Grudzielanek and Karros (a total of 16 million remaining on their deals) and got a leadoff hitter who made Bobby Hill expendable in Grudz (782 OPS in 03, 779 OPS in 04) and a first baseman who was a God-send when Choi was injured in the Kerry Wood collision (Karros OPSed at 786 over the course of 312 ABs).

W/L - Win


Cubs get:
Kenny Lofton
Aramis Ramirez

Pirates get:
Jose Hernandez
Bobby Hill
Matt Bruback

Analysis - Is this even in doubt? Ramirez has become one of the best third basemen in the game. His defense has gone from atrocious (remember Error-mis?) to almost Gold Glove quality...just ask Jerry Hairston, Jr. The three players the Pirates got are no longer in the league. Jose Hernandez was garbage, OPSing 505 after the trade. Bobby Hill was a player-to-be-named and was supposed to be the next big thing at the keystone, but would never have an OPS+ over 82 and hasn't been in the majors since 2005.

Kenny Lofton provided the Cubs the lead-off hitter and centerfielder that was desperately needed after Corey Patterson tore his ACL. If memory serves, he was the main component of the deal with Aramis Ramirez being thrown in as salary relief. Oooooooops.

W/L - Win


Cubs get:
Derrek Lee

Marlins get:
Hee Seop Choi
Mike Nannini

Analysis - In round 2 of the Cubs/Marlins trade-off, the Cubs rebound from the first round loss and pick up a middle-of-the-order, great defensive first baseman for a prospect with a huge hole in his swing and a guy who has a last name that is hard to pronounce. Lee would win a batting title in 05 and has hit 15 HRs so far this year. If not for the lost year due to the wrist injury, this would be a laugher the likes of the Ramirez trade. Choi was an okay player who was having a good year with Florida and was then traded to Los Angeles with Penny for Paul Lo Duca, Juan Encarnacion, and Guillermo Mota.

Win/Loss - Win


Cubs get:
Michael Barrett

A's get:
Damian Miller

Analysis - This one could really be debated considering Barrett's forced exit last year, but prior to that Barrett was one of the top offensive catchers in the league (and not particularly good defensively). He would win a silver slugger and hit 16 HRs each of his first three years with the Cubs. He would also punch AJ Pierzynski, which was awesome. Then he'd punch Carlos Zambrano, which was less nice. He would later be traded.

Damian Miller is a defensive catcher and that has incredible value. But his complete and total lack of offense has to give Barrett the edge here.

Win/Loss - Win


Cubs get:
Andy Pratt
Richard Lewis

Braves get:
Juan Cruz
Steve Smyth

Analysis - Juan Cruz was often referred to as little Pedro, and in his one year with Atlanta he would finally live up to the nickname. He would then be flipped to Oakland as a piece in the Tim Hudson deal. Steve Smyth never made the majors after leaving Chicago. He hasn't pitched since 2005.

Andy Pratt was a high strikeout guy in the minors, but managed a 21+ ERA in his few appearances in Chicago. He'd later be sent to Milwaukee to complete a trade for Ben Grieve. Richard Lewis never made it to the majors and was claimed in the Rule 5 draft years later.

Win/Loss - L, solely because of Cruz.


Cubs get:
Nomar Garciaparra
Matt Murton

Red Sox get:
Orlando Cabrera
Doug Mientkiewicz

Expos get:
Francis Beltran (f/ Cubs)
Brendan Harris (f/ Cubs)
Alex Gonzalez (f/ Cubs)

Twins get:
Justin Jones (f/ Cubs)

Analysis: This is a tough one to do, especially considering that Nomar was good in the ill-fated 04 season and then injured for the lion's share of 05 and that the Red Sox would win the World Series based a lot on their improved defense, which was greatly helped by their acquisitions in this trade. However, those guys came from other teams. The Cubs would give up a middle reliever in Francis Beltran who has never had an ERA under 4.50, although his K rate was solid with the Cubs and then less so afterwards. He plays for Detroit now. Alex Gonzalez was a high power, good defense, no contact shortstop but was expendable by Garciaparra. Brendan Harris was a line-drive hitting third base prospect who had a good year last year with Tampa Bay before being moved in the Delmon Young deal to Minnesota.

Justin Jones was the highly touted left-handed pitching prospect moved to the Twins in the deal. He's never made the majors and is pitching in High-A ball this year at 23 years old.

Matt Murton had a good year for the Cubs in 2006 and then received limited at bats in 2007 after the Alfonso Soriano trade. He was moved in the Rich Harden deal after no longer having a place on the squad.

Win/Loss - A very hesitant win...and really based more on Murton than Nomar. Nothing the Cubs moved in this deal would become anything worthwhile (which is a flawed way of looking at trades, I know...see above writing about my memory)...and Murton would be a piece in a huge trade while Nomar filled a huge hole in 2004 in a playoff run.


Cubs get:
Jerry Hairston, Jr
Mike Fontenot
Dave Crouthers

Orioles get:
Sammy Sosa

Analysis - A move that will probably be considered one of the biggest of Hendry's career. Sosa was moved to the Orioles after the 2004 season and after walking out on the team and seeing his production slide. Sosa hit 35 Hrs his last year with the Cubs, he would then hit 35 total over the next few years (9 in Baltimore, 16 in Texas).

Meanwhile, Jerry Hairston would madden Cubs fans by constantly hitting foul balls down the left field line. He would be traded for Phil Nevin and now plays for Cincinnati. Fontenot has been a valuable back-up, but a back-up. Dave Crouthers has never made the majors and never pitched for the Cubs organization.

Win/Loss - This was going to be a loss because the Cubs really could have used 16 HRs in RF last year...but then I noticed he only played 16 games in the field last year, the rest of his shortened season at DH. Also, he would have cost quite a bit to play a bad, bad OF in 05 before getting the 06 production...so I'm going to give this one a win based on a recognition of Sosa's decline as well as not holding onto a beloved player based simply on who he was.


Cubs get:
Roberto Novoa

Tigers get:
Kyle Farnsworth

Analysis - A pretty meh trade. Novoa missed 2007 and is currently in AAA in the Cubs' system. He had a pretty good year in 2005, averaging more than a K an inning, but hasn't been worth mentioning since and is what he is - a middle reliever.

Farnsworth has been moved and moved and moved, currently pitching the 8th inning for the Yankees. Sometimes erratic and sometimes falling in love with his slider (just like Carlos Marmol), he is the type of power arm that teams covet for the late innings.

Win/Loss - Loss

The Cubs also traded for and then traded away Jody Gerut in 05. It was such a minor deal that I'm not going to write it up. I wasn't a huge fan of trading away Gerut for Lawton as I thought Gerut might have something left in the tank. Lawton would then be moved to the Yankees and Dubois now finds himself back in the Cubs system. It's almost as if it never happened.


Cubs get:
Juan Pierre

Marlins get:
Ricky Nolasco
Renyel Pinto
Sergio Mitre

Analysis - The Marlins take the rubber match as Hendry falls in love with Pierre's batting average and speed and how he profiled into the leadoff spot and gave away three young arms. Pierre would have an awful first half and would then end the year with a .330 OBP (although he did accrue 204 hits and 58 steals).

Mitre is a back-end starter who doesn't strike out enough batters and walks too many. He's out for the year. Nolasco has been a huge loss for the Cubs, creating a void that has been filled by Jason Marquis. Nolasco has given the Marlins 110 good innings so far this year. Pinto has been in relief for the Marlins where he strikes out his share of batters and walks more than his fair share. Still, it hurts to give up three cheap arms for a guy who would make a lot of outs for one year and then scoot.

Win/Loss - Loss


Cubs get:
Jose Ceda

Padres get:
Todd Walker

Analysis - Todd Walker was an offense first middle infielder who was moved to the Padres where he became something of a utility player, though he really didn't play any one position that well. He could hit, though, there was never any doubt about that. After a bad 2007, he is not in the majors this year.

Ceda, on the other hand, is 21 years old and in AA. He has struck out 202 batters in 160 innings while walking 86. Now relieving after starting in A ball, he has the potential to be a closer/high leverage reliever who was received for very, very little.

Win/Loss - Win


Cubs get:
Cesar Izturis

Dodgers get:
Greg Maddux

Analysis: Oof. A no-hit, over-rated in the field shortstop for a guy who might have been one of the few to actually have value off the field as well as on it? Maddux was like a professor. Dempster credits his success this year to Maddux showing him how to watch film. Izturis, on the other hand, had an elbow injury and looked like an alien. Awful, awful move.

Win/Loss - Loss


Cubs get:
Neal Cotts

White Sox get:
Carlos Vasquez
David Aardsma

Analysis - I like Cotts. I'd like him more if he'd stop walking so many guys, but he's been a valued part of the pen this year. Last year he was sent to AAA to try to become a starter, a plan that was mercifully abandoned. Vasquez has not yet been to the majors and is currently in the Boston system. Aardsma is on the Red Sox major league roster. He's been really good for the Sox this year after stinking last year for the White Sox in 32 innings.

I'll take the 30 decent innings from Cotts than the junk innings the Sox got from Aardsma last year.

Win/Loss - Win

Cubs get:

Reds get:
Josh Hamilton

Analysis - This is unfair. The Cubs took Hamilton in the Rule 5 draft solely because of a pre-arranged deal with the Reds. The Reds then flipped Hamilton for Edinson Volquez, who has been an ace-type this year for them while Hamilton has put up MVP caliber numbers in CF for Texas. It's gotta be a loss, but it deserves an asterisk.

Win/Loss - Loss*


Cubs get:
Rob Bowen
Kyler Burke

Padres get:
Michael Barrett

Analysis - A much debated trade. Barrett was having a down year and had gotten into a fist fight with the Cubs ace. But he had still had 3 straight very good years with the bat. Bowen was brought in as a defensive guy, which he really wasn't. He was a switch-hitting catcher inasmuch as he could stand in either batter's box. Burke hasn't hit since he was drafted in the supplemental first round in 06.

Win/Loss - A loss as Barrett was traded at the absolute lowest point of his value for not a whole lot.


Cubs get:
Jason Kendall

A's get:
Rob Bowen
Jerry Blevins

Analysis - This is sort of like Hendry's version of saying "Whoops!". Bowen is moved for another catcher who got on base well enough but couldn't throw out base runners to save his life (52 steals against 5 caught stealing). Jerry Blevins has thrown roughly 7 innings for Oakland since the deal.

Win/Loss - I really think this one should be a push. I don't think either team was particularly better after having made it.


Cubs get:
Steve Trachsel

Orioles get:
Scott Moore
Rocky Cherry

Analysis - Not a good year for Hendry. Trachsel pitched 8 hours games and rocked an ERA above 8. Scott Moore was blocked by Ramirez, but had to have more value as he was OPSing 899 in AAA at the age of 23. Cherry is in AAA and 28 years old...but still...it was Steve Trachsel.

Win/Loss - Loss

And there you have it, my trade by trade analysis of Jim Hendry based on results. I think the Harden trade is a win too, but all I have for that is based on what we gave up. I think judging him based on results is fair in some ways, unfair in others - fair in that it shows that the players were well scouted by Hendry, but unfair as it cannot take into account injuries or the like.

It is what it is though. Maybe tomorrow I'll discuss his Free Agent signings.

When Dan Patrick and Keith Olbermann hosted the show? Well, they are tag-teaming it up again, for NBC's "Football Night In America" this time. I thought this was the best NFL pregame show around last year, and it can only get better with these two guys running the show:

Dan Patrick has been named a co-host of NBC's "Football Night in America" studio show, reuniting him with Keith Olbermann. The two redefined sports highlights during their time together on ESPN’s SportsCenter from 1992-97.

Patrick, who will handle highlight duties with Olbermann, joins host Bob Costas and co-hosts Cris Collinsworth and Olbermann, along with analysts Jerome Bettis and Tiki Barber and reporter Peter King.

"We are proud to reunite one of the greatest teams in the history of sports broadcasting. Dan and Keith were more than successful together, they defined the way that sports highlights are now delivered. Their unique delivery has been sorely missed and now they’ll be able to take their act to a primetime network television audience each Sunday night in the fall,” said Dick Ebersol, Chairman, NBC Universal Sports & Olympics.

Olbermann said: “I’m delighted to be reunited with my tag team partner. I can’t stop Dan Patrick from working with me again, I can only hope to contain him.”

Olbermann and Patrick, while anchoring SportsCenter, became renowned for their inimitable style of coupling pop culture and sports – now a hallmark of the modern television sports reporter. While at ESPN, Olbermann and Patrick also wrote the critically acclaimed book “The Big Show” about their experiences working on SportsCenter. Costas wrote the foreword to the best-selling book.

“I think it’s a great idea because it reunites one of the great combinations ever in TV sports,” said Costas. “I’ve been in favor of the idea ever since NBC Sports reacquired the NFL but we haven’t been able to work it out until now."

Patrick is currently a columnist at Sports Illustrated and contributes to SI.com. In October of 2007, Patrick began hosting a new version of The Dan Patrick Show, which airs on XM radio.


Mary Elizabeth Winstead
For some stupid reason, I decided to waste a couple hours to watch Final Destination 3 on television in the last few months. But at least I was introduced to this beautiful 23-year-old woman, Mary Elizabeth Winstead.
Winstead has an absolutely amazing body, standing 5'9" with a very Elizabeth Berkley-esque look. Her legs are particularly eye-catching.
Along with Final Destination 3, she's been in horror movies such as Black Christmas and Death Proof. You know how it works for the horror movie chicks: Gotta have great tits and a great scream. Both perfect qualities for the bedroom.

Not only is Joe Buck an arrogant prick, he doesn't even watch sports. That's something nice for the main announcer for, ya know, the World Series on Fox, or the Super Bowl when it's on Fox. He talked about his lack of sports viewing on ESPN Radio today , and how he'd rather watch The Bachleorette:

This is sad news for the city of Seattle and the SuperSonics fans, but certainly not a surprise. Oklahoma City's going to enjoy watching Kevin Durant for a long time. Any suggestions for the new team name?

SuperSonics reach settlement with Seattle, will move to Oklahoma City
The Associated Press

July 2, 2008, 7:37 PM CDT

SEATTLE -- The SuperSonics will move to Oklahoma City for the 2008-09 season as part of a settlement with the city of Seattle, ending a contentious relationship that resulted in a trial in which the judge was due to issue her ruling Wednesday.

The settlement calls for Sonics owner Clay Bennett and the Professional Basketball Club LLC to pay up to $75 million to the city in exchange for the immediate termination of the KeyArena lease between the NBA team and the city.

The team's name and colors will be staying in Seattle.

"We made it," Bennett said after stepping to an Oklahoma City podium featuring the NBA logo and the letters OKC. "The NBA will be in Oklahoma City next season."

Bennett said the move would start Thursday and the first focus would be on the SuperSonics' players.

Bennett announced that the settlement calls for a payment of $45 million immediately, and would include another $30 million paid to Seattle in 2013 if the state Legislature in Washington authorizes at least $75 million in public funding to renovate KeyArena by the end of 2009 and Seattle doesn't obtain an NBA franchise of its own within the next five years.

"We understand that city, county, and state officials are currently discussing a plan to substantially rebuild KeyArena for the sum of $300 million," NBA commissioner David Stern said in a statement. "If this funding were authorized, we believe KeyArena could properly be renovated into a facility that meets NBA standards relating to revenue generation, fan amenities, team facilities, and the like."

Bennett said he and Seattle Mayor Greg Nickels signed a binding agreement Wednesday, which would be formalized later, that keeps the SuperSonics' name, logo and colors available if Seattle gets a replacement franchise.

"We have 30 million reasons why we have support for a future NBA team," Seattle city attorney Tom Carr said.

In April, the NBA Board of Governors approved Bennett's application to move the team to Oklahoma City, pending the outcome of the trial between the team and the city. The settlement came six days after the trial concluded.

It doesn't cover a pending lawsuit filed by Starbucks Corp. chairman Howard Schultz, who is seeking to regain control of the team he sold to Bennett in 2006 for $350 million. Schultz claims that Bennett didn't follow through on an agreement to negotiate in good faith for a new arena in Seattle for one full year before seeking relocation options.

The trial was centered on the lease agreement between the city and the team that called for the Sonics to play at KeyArena through the 2009-10 season.

Sonics lead attorney Brad Keller contended that Bennett should simply be able to write a check to satisfy the final two years of the lease. Keller argued that the "specific performance" clause the city rested its case on should not apply in a garden-variety dispute between tenant and landlord.

Bennett and his ownership group previously offered to pay the city $26.5 million in February to buy out the final two years of the lease. They were rebuffed.

It's now called MillerCoors. Creative! I wonder how the meeting to decide on what to call it went. Joking aside, this is obviously huge news in the American beer circuit.
Coors of course has their headquarters here in Colorado, in Golden specifically, which is just west of Denver. Miller's headquarters are located in Milwaukee. Now do you get why the MLB stadiums are Coors Field and Miller Park in Denver and Milwaukee?
Dallas and Chicago are the leading candidates to be the official headquarters for MillerCoors, but Golden and Milwaukee will maintain "sizable" operations according to The Denver Post.

TRENTON — Those old Miller Lite bottles from last weekend's party may be the last you will ever see as company officials announced the Miller and Coors beer brands have officially merged.

SABMiller PLC and Molson Coors Brewing Co. have combined their U.S. and Puerto Rico operations to launch MillerCoors, which began operation July 1.

The merger creates an expanded network of eight breweries — six of which are owned by Miller and two by Coors, said Julian Green, a spokesman for the new company.

"This will create a brewery footprint that will be able to make all the various brands of beer and they will be closer to market," he said. "This is good news for the breweries."

MillerCoors will enjoy the benefits of a combined group of brands, led by Miller Lite and Coors Light, and a plan to cut costs by $500 million annually, company officials said.

That will help the new company, with $7 billion in annual sales and a 29 percent market share, better compete with Anheuser-Busch Cos., which has dominated the U.S. beer business with a 48 percent share.

It's possibly even better news for Miller Brewing's facility in Trenton — one of Ohio's largest brewery which employs 650 people in Butler County.

The facility is already hiring two new team manager positions for the new packaging line in Trenton, according to the MillerCoors Web site.

Green said the Trenton facility may even begin brewing more beer — meaning new jobs — but added it was too early to name specifics.

Miller, based in Milwaukee, and Molson Coors, based in Golden, Colo., announced in October they would form MillerCoors to market and distribute their beers in the U.S. and Puerto Rico.


Merger Facts
  • Miller Brewing has been a part of Milwaukee's landscape since 1855.
  • The company employs 6,000 around the world, including 1,700 in Milwaukee.
  • The Coors brewery was founded in 1873 in Golden, Colo. by Adolph Coors.
  • The Coors corporation employs 10,000.
  • Miller-Coors would be second to only Anheuser-Busch in the United States.
  • Miller-Coors would combine Miller products such as High Life, Miller Lite, Genuine Draft and Leinenkugel's with Coors, Coors Light, Killian's Irish Red, Molson and Fosters.

Jordana Spiro
One of my guilty pleasures is my enjoyment of the show My Boys. I don't know if it's even anything to be embarrassed about, but it's got a sort of Sex And The City feel to it so it makes me question my manhood.

But being attracted to the main character in the show, P.J. Franklin, is nothing to be embarrassed about at all.

She's not a super hottie, but plenty bangable, and her personality and interests, at least in the show, are off the charts. Well, off the charts for me anyway, because her character plays a Chicago Sun-Times beat writer for my beloved Chicago Cubs. She's a diehard Cubs fan, likes to watch and talk sports, go out to the bar and get drunk, has a great sense of humor... you get the picture. I only wish P.J. were real.

I guess I should have just titled this Thigh Of The Week: "P.J. Franklin", because I really don't know anything else about Jordana Spiro. Anyway, keep an eye out for her, and check out My Boys. Then please tell me you enjoyed the show so I feel better about myself.