The Broncos Bring In An Offensive Genius To Be Head Coach... Why? | Sharapova's Thigh

Living in Colorado, I watch every Broncos game and am very familiar with the team. They have a remarkable offense, led by by quarterback Jay Cutler, with plenty of weapons for him such as wide receiver Brandon Marshall. Their offense ranked 2nd in the league this year. However, their defense couldn't prevent your Grandma from getting into the end zone, ranking 29th in the league and looking much worse than that on occasion.

Mike Shanahan was fired by owner Pat Bowlen with the main reason being Shanahan wouldn't fire their defensive coordinator Bob Slowik. So Bowlen's going to solve these defensive problems by bringing in a defensive-minded coach such as Rex Ryan for example right? Wrong. Let's get that offense up a spot to #1 in the league!

Chris Mortensen reports that Patriots offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels will be the new Broncos coach, according to Pro Football Talk. McDaniels is considered an offensive genius, and if you've watched the Patriots' games anytime recently, you know why. He made Matt Cassel look like Joe Montana in no time.

Still, I don't get this at all. Your offense is going to be outstanding no matter who is in there, simply due to the talent level of your quarterback and the skill players around him. However, it doesn't matter how good that offense is if you don't make some significant changes with the defense. You can win some 42-41 games in the regular season, but you can't play such football in the postseason. If it's me in charge of that organization, 75% of the moves I'm making this offseason are on the defensive side of the ball, and I want the head coach to have a defensive mindset. If you get an even mediocre defense on this team with the offense they already have, they'd be very dangerous.

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