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Look, I know they're kids. And I know that it was rough for Covenant to continue to shoot threes and play full court after being up by over 50...but it's a competitive game. We're supposed to be upset that one team beat another team by too much? I don't buy it.

Where was the pride from Dallas Academy? How can you allow yourself to not make one single basket? Unless Lisa Leslie and Candace Parker (the extent of my female basketball knowledge) play for Covenant, then how do you lose by 100?

I have no qualm with Covenant blowing out Dallas Academy. The girls on the winning team obviously wanted to make it to 100 points. How often do you think High School girls make it to that mark? I have no idea.

We're so concerned with how the losing team feels that we forget that there are two teams out there. It's not as if one side was playing with some sort of "cheat code". Presumably, Dallas Academy had every opportunity to score.

Again, I feel bad for those girls in the same way I feel bad for any team that loses...but how bad am I supposed to feel? It's a game, and they (Dallas) obviously did not play it that well. I cannot fault the other team for unleashing a beating on them.

I do wonder if the main issue with this is that Covenant is a Christian school. Not being from the area or knowing anything about team rivalries or how Covenant represents itself, I am simply speculating. Nonetheless: it's sports. Some people are better at them than others. It's true in sports, it's true in life.

Don't forfeit that game, Covenant. Your girls earned it. And to Dallas Academy, I think this beating would be a valuable and valid learning experience for each and every athlete: unpleasant things happen, but the next day the sun does rise. Work hard, play hard, and remember that it's just a game.

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