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More drama in Dallas for Ed Werder to sink into your head for the next month! Cowboys linebacker Anthony Spencer was arrested early Sunday morning for getting wasted at a bar and wreaking havoc:

Anthony Spencer, 24, was arrested for public intoxication and disorderly conduct after being thrown out of Have A Nice Day Cafe around 3 a.m. Sunday. Police say Spencer, who is from Fort Wayne and currently plays defensive end for the Dallas Cowboys, tried to give the bar money to stay open later, along with his agent, Matthew Millhouse.

Police say Spencer then threw punches at bouncers, pounded on exit doors and shouted at bar staff. They say he and Millhouse also argued with police officers who told them to leave.

Link(WTHR- Indianapolis NBC Affiliate)

Now, I spend quite a bit of time at the bar drinking heavily, so I can't rip on somebody else for doing the same. The punches at the bouncers and all that junk though, is just absolutely idiotic. I've yet to see that end well for anybody, and the after effects of this for a professional athlete are going to be much worse than other professions. The media will eat this up, especially when you play for "America's Team", and it's quite possible it will cost you a job and an opportunity to make millions of dollars.

Anyway, here we are again with trouble in Dallas. Pacman, Tank Johnson, T.O. being T.O., doing the "Hard Knocks" show in training camp/preseason, the T.Romo dating Jessica Simpson even, and now this. There's just so much extra crap going on with this team, it doesn't matter if they have more talent than any team in the history of life. All these distractions will continue to prevent this team from being any legitimate threat whatsoever.

It seems Jerry Jones is sort of starting to get that, with the release of Pacman, and there's even talk T.O. could be cut as well. Will Anthony Spencer be gone too? Typically, Jones would give Spencer another chance or six.

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