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If you're sane, you can't stand Joe Morgan. Nobody disagrees that he's a great second baseman. You could argue he's the greatest second baseman of all-time. You can make the same argument, though, that he's the worst analyst of all-time.

He's on the highest of horses and spends his time talking about his accomplishments or how stats and research aren't necessary to analyze his weekly game as he knows all. There were rumors that ESPN's Sunday Night Baseball broadcast would see a shakeup, presumably getting rid of Joe Morgan as the analyst. Well they made a move alright. According to Michael Hiestand of USA Today, ESPN's not only going to keep Joe "I Invented The Underhand Flip" Morgan on their Sunday Night Baseball broadcast, they're going to add Steve "America's GM" Phillips as well:

One of the longest-running acts in TV sports is getting a new cast member. ESPN will formally announce Wednesday that Steve Phillips will join Jon Miller and Joe Morgan, who've called ESPN's Sunday night baseball for 19 years.

The move, freeing up ESPN's Peter Gammons for Sunday night studio work rather than reporting from ESPN's Sunday games, comes as ESPN is beefing up its Major League Baseball coverage for an obvious reason.

It faces new competition from the MLB-owned MLB Network, which began this month with 50 million TV households, by far a record for a cable TV debut.
Link(USA Today)

As I've written, MLB Network's Hot Stove is already much better than ESPN's Baseball Tonight, so it makes sense that they'd like to get Hall of Famer Peter Gammons in studio more. However, bringing in Steve Phillips to be an analyst is only going to lose them viewers.

The only person comparably pathetic to Joe Morgan as an analyst is former Mets general manager Steve Phillips, and you're putting them BOTH in the booth for the game of the week? Why not just grab Tim McCarver from Fox while you're at it and throw him in the booth? How about bringing in Skip Bayless to be a reporter from the dugout? How about having Rosie O'Donnell or Amy Winehouse replace Erin Andrews as your female reporter to throw on camera?

Seriously, this is going to be torture listening to these "experts" for 9 innings on what is supposed to be the big game each week. MLB Network has to love it though.

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