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I don't know if I simultaneously love and hate anything as much as NFL Mock Drafts. Last year Kiper released 8 versions. McShay did about the same, as did Don Banks. Maybe its because I cheer for a traditionally bad team, Browns, but I waste countless hours every year getting insight into every possible prognositcation. Last year it was AMAZING when the Browns didn't have a first round pick (they traded it for the right to draft Brady Quinn). I didn't think about the NFL draft until the start of the second round.

Why do I love them? Because it gets me thinking about the '09 season.

Why do I hate them? Because they make me think about the '09 season.

Mel Kiper and Don Banks of CNNSI both released their initial guesses for the April draft. The differences in the two versions are remarkable. The only consensus pick in the top 10 is Michael Crabtree going to Seattle at 4.

I laugh at the Lions. This year the undoubted #1 pick is Crabtree, the all everything Wide Receiver from the plains of Lubbock. Higher rated than Calvin Johnson. Higher rated than Mike Williams. Higher rated than Charles Rogers.

And they are going to pass on him.


I laugh less if the Lions take Andre Smith because he's ready to be an All Pro his rookie season a la Jake Long and Joe Thomas.

Kiper has Matthew Stafford and Mark Sanchez going before Crabtree. ...????......????? What the hell? I'm not sure that either deserves a top 10 pick. I'm more sold on Stafford, but yikes.

Sanchez is catching heat in SoCal, but I would have done the exact same thing. Next year Sanchez would have been no better than the third QB taken (Sam Bradford, Colt McCoy). It is possible that Tim Tebow or Zac Robinson could also sneak in front of Sanchez. Conservatively he saved himself $10 million. It could be more.

On a personal sidenote, the top 2 seniors throughout the college football season were Malcolm Jenkins and Aaron Curry. By both projections both of them will fall to the Browns. Delicious.

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