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Garrett Mock is no Micah Grimes

Posted by FlyAtTheThigh | 1/27/2009 07:39:00 PM | , , ,

Garrett Mock is a pitcher for the Washington Nationals. He also is a coach for the Columbia Angels, which apparently is a fall league baseball team that has a roster of 14-16 year old boys.

Though he approached the game with the decidedly Grimesian...

"I was telling the kids, I don't drive an hour and a half, leave my wife and son at home to come up here and watch you slop around the field," Mock told me. "I told the kids, 'Look, I came to win. And I want this to look like a stinkin' football score by the time the game's over.' "

...he took umbrage when one of his players tried to bunt when up 17-0. So then, he asked for the opposing coach to alert Mock as to win he had a pitcher in who could bring the heat. Mock then told the coach...

I said, 'Hey, when this kid gets up to bat, I want y'all to put one right in his ribs, and I ain't kidding.' I was like, 'Just kind of give me one of these hand signs, let me know that this kid throws gas,' because I didn't want to bring him in when the kid throws 86 if you've got a kid that throws 91, you know?
The kid took a 91 MPH fastball in the ribs. I suspect that Garrett Mock would have powerbombed the girl's basketball team at Covenant School.

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