Guilty Pleasures: Boyz II Men | Sharapova's Thigh

Struggling to think of things to write about all the time, I get desperate. I was just sitting here on my computer with Itunes on shuffle, when a familiar beat came on, and then came the vocals from the popular 90's R&B/soul group Boyz II Men... and myself.

The song was "On Bended Knee", and I enjoy singing it more than Rosie O'Donnell enjoys eating. So I figured, hey, let's show the readers how big of a douche I am and that I have the balls to admit it. They'll find that entertaining, or so I hope.

Therefore, I bring you the "Guilty Pleasures" series, which like a lot of these themed things we do around here might only have the lifespan of one blog, especially if you hate it or humiliate me.

Anyway, yeah, I like Boyz II Men. I sit around all the time blasting "Water Runs Dry", "I'll Make Love to You", "End of the Road", "It's so Hard to say Goodbye to Yesterday", etc. Not only do I play them, I sing the living hell out of them.

It's much more funny/pathetic when you consider I'm a 6'1", 170 pound white guy that's as goofy as Screech. Okay, let's do that. Picture Screech sitting in his room, passionately singing "I'll Make Love To You". Except instead of singing it to Lisa Turtle, it's just to himself or his dog Hound Dog.

I'd even go as far as to say Boyz II Men is the best R&B group of my lifetime. Over 60 million records sold, 5 #1 hits, 4 Grammys won, and most importantly, they've provided a shitload of great vibes for myself.

If you're sitting there thinking, "Hey man, guilty pleasure? Boyz II Men kicks ass!", let's be friends.

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