Happy 1st Birthday To Us | Sharapova's Thigh

Happy 1st Birthday To Us

Posted by Matt Clapp | 1/29/2009 12:00:00 AM |

Our friend Brooks passing out on the couch where Sharapova's Thigh was born.

A year ago today, Rad McDude and I sat on the couch of our old apartment, talking about starting a sports website. We had no idea what we were doing. I talked with a friend Natalie that day who told me she had a blog on Blogger and how she loved it. I asked her how much it costs to start a blog on there, having no idea you start one of these babies for free. That's how out of the loop I was.

So we decided to give that a try, but of course needed a name for the blog. Being the diehard sports fans that we are, we wanted it to be a sports focus, but open to other topics such as hot ladies, beer, video games, movies, etc. You know, most things that pathetic males in their mid 20's are interested in. I was the first to blurt out a name: "Hmm. Sharapova... Sharapova's Thigh?"

Laughing, Rad responds with something like, "Sharapova's Thigh? What the fuck?"

We sat there laughing for a few minutes and decided that we're going with this cheesy name. Really though, I get reactions from people thinking we have some crazy obsession with Maria Sharapova. Not at all. It was simply just a random name associated with an attractive lady that happens to be a superb athlete that I'm a fan of. I played tennis in high school and love the sport. As a matter of fact I"m watching the Aussie Open right now and it's not the same without her in it. That's not because she's gorgeous, but because she's an incredible tennis player that would be playing to defend her title and kicking some ass out there I'm sure. Now I'm stuck watching Sirpeena Williams and Dinara Safina who is more manly than her brother Marat.

Back to the blog, I wasn't even planning on doing much with it. I figured it would just be something I randomly do when I feel like ranting about sports every once in awhile, but it became addicting. I got some good responses from friends who urged me to keep going with it, so I did.

But this isn't just my blog of course, and it wouldn't be nearly what it is without the help of all the other contributors...

If not for Rad McDude, there's no way I do this site. Everyday for weeks he kept saying how we need to get on this, and he finally got me to do it. Yes he hasn't done any writing since the early days, but there's no doubt he played a huge part in this site. Furthermore, I'm pretty sure he's told every single person in the town of Fort Collins about it.

Poorly Acquitted saved my ass last year. Without him, there's no way we get through the 2008 Hot Ladies Tournament. He's been posting consistently since the beginning days of the site and made things a ton easier for me. Thanks bro.

Fly joined the team a bit later on and has been an outstanding addition. Hilarious commentary, great arguments, and he's always coming to me with great stuff he finds around the web.

The banner you see at the top was one of Baron's many amazing works with photoshop and all that stuff. He also did a lot with this template to make it look as nice as it is. I have no clue how to do any of these things, so without him, we'd have a plain template, and a header with just text at the top. He also made the Thighnal 4 logo, and a few other terrific graphics for the site. Additionally, he's written some nice blogs about college sports.

Justin listens to my rants about the blog daily when most people would tell me to shut the hell up. He's been writing a bit more lately, and particularly excels with baseball content like you saw with the Dodgers blog yesterday.

I've already written more than I planned so I'm going to cut it short but have to of course thank Koz(the poomaster), Bz, Yossarian, Sunrise, and Roddick's Knee for the work they've done with the site. I wish all of you would post more because you all write kickass stuff.

Anyway, I just want to conclude this celebration by saying thank YOU. I hope we keep producing content that keeps you readers/hot thigh viewers enthralled and returning for more. I'm not stopping with this anytime soon and we're not anywhere close to where we want to be.

Happy 1st Birthday Thigh.

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