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In September we told you about the rumors of Megan Fox as Wonder Woman and there was a poster(which you'll see in the link) depicting her in the role. That all turned out to be a hoax, and men across the world were heartbroken. Well, there's another rumor making the rounds about Megan playing a different badass chick in sexy clothing:
According to European site MeriStation, Fox will indeed replace the curvaceous Jolie to star in an upcoming "Tomb Raider" film, although the movie doesn't yet have a director.
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I'd give you the Meristation report on it, but it's in another language that I can't read, so I found it on PSX Extreme(you know the drill. go give them a thigh five right now dammit).

There's nothing wrong at all with Angelina Jolie, and although I never saw the two "Tomb Raider" movies, she looked amazing as Lara Croft in the photos I've seen at least(you can see a couple of those below). Let's face it though, Angelina will be 34 in June and Megan Fox is arguably the most popular babe on the planet right now. She won our 2008 Hot Ladies Tournament and her stock is not dropping anytime soon. She'd be the absolutely perfect replacement for Jolie, and there's no doubt guys will pay to see her on the big screen.

Just picture Megan Fox in these outfits:

You're drooling, I know it. Let's hope these rumors are true.

UPDATE(2/1/09): Yeah... it's not happening. Dammit.

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