MLB Network Launches Today | Sharapova's Thigh

For baseball fans like me, that like to watch a lot of of television like me, today's an awesome day. The MLB Network is officially launching at 6 PM ET today.

I have the channel on right now on DirecTV(channel 213 right after the NFL Network). They're just showing awesome highlights non-stop, as well as a preview of what the channel's going to be about, it really looks like it's going to be outstanding.

They couldn't have done a much better job at choosing the crew, in terms of their main analysts, hosts, etc. Harold Reynolds is back talking baseball thankfully, and you know the guys at Hugging Harold Reynolds are thrilled. Looks like he might be their main guy, and will be joined by analysts such as Barry Larkin, Al Leiter, Dan Plesac(one of the best baseball minds around, got to watch him a ton as the studio analyst for Cubs pregame and postgame shows the last few years), Joe Magrane, and Mitch Williams.

Jon Heyman and Tom Verducci, writers for Sports Illustrated, are two of the best baseball writers out there and will be a part of the network, serving in a Peter Gammons sort of fashion for them. MLB Network also has one of my favorite broadcasters in Matt Vasgersian as a host of shows such as MLB Tonight. Oh, and their chicks Trenni Kusnierek and Hazel Mae are both attractive and seem to be tolerable.

I'm very excited about this show Hot Stove. It's apparently a daily show(7 PM ET) during the offseason, all about the latest on the trade and free agent front, how teams are looking, etc. I'm a hot stove junkie so I think I'll love this.

Everything's in HD if your programming and television allow it of course, they've got the most advanced technology around. One of the coolest things they have is a built-in camera in every single MLB ballpark. They're going to have live look-ins all the time to games using said camera. I'm really looking forward to how that goes.

They're reportedly going to carry 26 live games this season on Thursday nights as well, and I'd assume Vasgersian and Reynolds will be the announcers.

I'm a fan of the NFL Network and even NBA TV, but it looks like the MLB Network could blow them out of the water. Baseball 24/7, 365 days a year, great people talking about it, everything's in HD... I have a feeling this is going to be my favorite channel.

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