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Next up in our "Random Retro Baseball Player" series, we look at the wild and crazy Pascual Perez...

Years Played: 1980-1985, 1987-1991.

Teams Played For: Pittsburgh Pirates(80-81), Atlanta Braves(82-85), Montreal Expos(87-89), New York Yankees(90-91).

Positions: Pitcher(207 Games, 193 Games Started).

Bats/Throws: Right/Right.

Career Line: 67-68, 3.44 ERA, 1.214 WHIP, 110 ERA+, 822 K, 21 CG, 4 SHO, 1244.3 IP.

Best Season: I'm torn on this one as you could make good arguments for two seasons. Feel free to show your opinion...

1983: 15-8, 3.43 ERA, 1.226 WHIP, 114 ERA+, 144 K, 7 CG, 1 SHO, 33 G(All Started), 215.3 IP.
1988: 12-8, 2.44 ERA, 0.941 WHIP, 147 ERA+, 131 K, 4 CG, 2 SHO, 27 G(All Started), 188 IP.

Awards/Leaderboard: NL All-Star(1983)

Led NL in WHIP in 1988(0.941).

Led NL in K/BB ratio in 1989(3.38).

Fun Facts: He has two brothers that were also MLB pitchers: Melido(Played from 1987-1995, 78-85, 4.17 ERA) and Carlos(Played in 1995 and 1997-2000, 40-53, 4.44 ERA).

His nickname is "I-285". He got that nickname because he got lost on Atlanta's Interstate 285, causing him to miss a start while with the Braves.

I thought I was as skinny as you could possibly be(if you have food accessible of course) at 6'1", 170 or so. Pascual played at a height and weight of 6'2", 162.

He's probably best known for his crazy antics on and off the field. For example, he'd do the Shooter McGavin move where he'd act like his hand was a gun and shoot the opposing players. He'd also sprint into the dugout after an inning when pretty much every other pitcher not named Turk Wendell walks, he'd slam the baseball into the dirt of the mound, he'd peek through his legs to see if a runner had a big lead off first base, and do many other things that made him look like he was on crack out there. That leads to the next fun fact!

In 1984, Pascual went on a date with the white lady in the Dominican Republic, his homeland. He was arrested for cocaine possession.

In 1992 at the age of 34, he failed a drug test while a member of the New York Yankees. He was suspended for a year for violating the league's drug policy. He never pitched again.

Let's not end on a sad note though. He has some of the coolest Jheri curls you've ever seen.

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