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Super Bowl Week: Thursday

Posted by Poorly Acquitted | 1/29/2009 01:32:00 PM | , , ,

Betting line holding steady at 7. It will move off of 7 by game time. Having a round "football" number as the betting line just leaves way too may bets open to push. My guess is that it jumps up to 7.5 before dropping down to 6.5.

I heard a dude on the radio the other day say that the Steelers were a bad franchise. I proceeded to call into the radio station and get 5 seconds into a rant before I got kicked off. I accomplished my goal, the Radio Jocks took my point and drove it home. They just used cleaner language. I hate the Steelers with every part of my body, but they are probably one of the top 5 sports franchises in the United States. Longevity in pro sports, especially in the salery cap era, is so difficult. The Steelers have been good forever. Has there been a better, more consistent franchise in the last 45 years?

For the record:
1.) NY Yankees
2.) Pittsburgh Steelers
3.) Detroit Red Wings
4.) LA Lakers
5.) (tie) Boston Red Sox, Dallas Cowboys

If the build up and hype of the game annoys us, imagine how the players feel.

If the Cardinals win, will Jerheme Urban become the first Division III player to bring home a Super Bowl ring?

Yes I had to mention Jerheme. Trinity is a small school and it's freaking amazing for all Trinity Tigers to watch him.

Todd Haley proved in the NFC Championship Game that he's a great gameplanner and play caller. The Eagles blitzed in the first half, but the Cards first 30 plays were so well scripted and blocked that they managed to get out to that big lead. Jim Johnson went in and adjusted at halftime and changed up the blitz looks for the second half (like he always does) and won the game of cat & mouse in the 3rd Quarter. Haley however pulled it together for the last couple of drives and the rest is history.

I'm really interested to see how Haley matches up against Dick LeBeau. The young guy versus the wizend vet. Of course it comes down to the players executing, but those two have as much to say about the outcome of the game as anybody.

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