Thigh-Fiving These Links 1/22/09 Edition | Sharapova's Thigh

Thigh Five From Natalie Portman!
  • The 27 Best, Most Ridiculous And Awesomest Rookie Cards Of All-Time (The Bachelor Guy)
  • Ren At HHR Wrote A Letter To The Jets Expressing His Interest In The Jets Head Coaching Position. The Jets Received His Request & Let Him Know That, But They Never Contacted Him For An Interview. Now, He Voices His Displeasure Over How This Was Handled In Another Letter To The Jets (Hugging Harold Reynolds)
  • Cardinals' Boldin Dampers Spotlight (Bankroll Sports)
  • Serena Williams Has To Be Juicing (The World Of Isaac)
  • Nene Is Getting Married... Let's(Gary Payton And Chris Webber) Make Fun Of Him (NESW Sports)
  • Happy 2 Year Anniversary Mike Tomlin (PSaMP)
  • Mark McGwire's One-Eyed Baby Brother Reveals The Not-So-Startling Truth (Deadspin)
  • Thursday's NBA & College Betting Plays (Visionary Sports Picks)
  • Looks Like Greece & Stephon Marbury Are Getting Hitched (Cuzoogle)
  • Sick Double Alley-Ooop In A High School Game (Not Qualified To Comment)
  • Top 10 Fitness Product Infomericals (YepYep)
  • Dear Illuminati Turns The Big "1" (9 To Fried)
  • Most Persistent Video Game Villains (Game Daily)

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