Thigh-Fiving These Links 1/7/09 Edition | Sharapova's Thigh

ASU tongue-kissing hotties thigh-five these links. They also told me they'll let you join in that fun if you go to the links. Pretty easy decision right?

  • Beware, Matt Millen Will Ruin Your Career. (The World of Isaac)
  • Manu Ginobili Blocks/Embarrasses D-Wade. (NESW Sports)
  • Five Feature Films Now Playing In The NBA... hilarious. (Cuzoogle)
  • Jaguars' Coach Living Proof Why They Finished Last. (The Bachleor Guy)
  • Biggest douche on the planet, Skip Bayless, in a rap video. (Awful Announcing)
  • Turkey Bowling should be in the Olympics. (The Observation Bubble)
  • For our lady readers... the Baltimore Ravens have male cheerleaders. (Titan Sized)
  • Where to eat when you go to Camden Yards in Baltimore. (Fan Foodie)
  • Ben likes his Suns to move up in the West. (Ben's Suns Blog)
  • Ben Roethlisberger takes a spill bowling. (PSaMP)
  • Vail Skier Exposes His Pole. I can't stop laughing at this, it's sort of NSFW as well, although I think your boss would just laugh. (InGameNow)
  • Top 10 Michael Jordan Covers of All-Time. (Hoop Doctors)
  • Chicago Cubs Make Difficult New Years' Resolutions. From our buddy Ace who runs this outstanding Cubs parody blog. (The Cubs Brickyard)

  • Bill Walton is excited... Grateful Dead's coming back and they'll start their tour April 12th in Greensboro. (Brahsome)
  • Top Cartoon Intros of the 90's. (Ice Ice Babies)
  • That must be one huge ass. (Afrojacks)
  • Australian Diver Speared in the Groin... OUCH! (With Leather)
  • Welcome Back Scrubs. (The Money Shot)
  • Early review for the video game "MLB: Front Office" isn't pretty. (Pasta Padre)
  • New "MLB 09: The Show" screenshots... it's bullshit this isn't on the 360. (Pasta Padre)
  • This guy's top 10 Sega Genesis games. (Associated Content)

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