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Thigh of the Week: Heidi Klum

Posted by Matt Clapp | 1/30/2009 08:00:00 AM | , ,

Heidi Klum

Yeah, I know. We're complete douchebags for taking this long to recognize this stunning beauty. I'm ashamed of myself. I actually thought we had her in the 2008 Hot Ladies Tournament, gave her TOTW, or something... but no, NOTHING. Well, we put up the "Guitar Hero: World Tour" video of her playing the game in lingerie, but we didn't have any pictures of her on here.

Anyway, you all know the German babe. Too many magazine covers to count, a bunch of television shows, movies, blah blah blah. She's one of the most popular supermodels of all-time, and she's still got it at 35.

I'm just going to stop because you're surely just looking at the pictures anyway. A special 10 pictures(double what we usually post for TOTW) were posted as a way of making up for her omission from the site. Enjoy.

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