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Arizona's the place to be!!!

Posted by Poorly Acquitted | 2/25/2009 08:24:00 PM | , ,

Get me to the Valley of the Sun right now!!!

I might not like Arizona State, but I love the state of Arizona. What a week down there!!!

Tiger's making his comeback down in Marana, just outside of Tucson. I've been told that the matchplay at Marana is a sweet event to hit up. Due to Tucson's, ummmmm, location, apparently it's a really easy event to watch from up close. That's it, I'm going next year.

Spring Training starting all over the state.

The sun.

I try to convince people that Arizona is a great vacation spot, but they never seem to believe me. The weather is fantastic. The scenery (both geographic and female) is phenomenal. There is more golf to be played than in any other state in the union. Well except Florida and California, but those states are way bigger.

Oh yeah, and if any ASU coeds want to serve as tour guides I'll allow that.

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