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I frequently tell you of my love for the New Belgium Brewery, located in Fort Collins, Colorado. Aside from a summer day at Wrigley Field, or on top of Jessica Alba when she was 21, I can't think of a place I'd rather be. This time I didn't get their beer at the brewery, but just in a six-pack at the liquor store. This specific beer is one of New Belgium's most recent creations, Mighty Arrow Pale Ale(Important note: if Peter North says Mighty Arrow, this is probably not what he's referring to, and my advice would be to turn away immediately).

Mighty Arrow Pale Ale has been around for at least a year, as I had it a couple times back then at the Ramskeller(The bar on Colorado State's campus that I like to call the "Fuck, there goes my GPA" place). It's an American Pale Ale(APA), like the popular Sierra Nevada Pale Ale.

If you look closely at the bottle in the picture, you see a dog running out the door of the brewery. The description on the side of the bottle explains what that's all about:

"Mighty Arrow Pale Ale provides lots of pleasurable sniffs from Amarillo and Cascade hops with a fetching honey malt base. This is our brewed tribute to Arrow, Kim's Aussie/Border Collie mix who ran (literally) New Belgium for 12 years. When she wasn't patrolling the brewery grounds, she was famous for her office visits: She never met a tummy rub she didn't like. Atta girl Arrow."

Good stuff. As for the actual beer, I poured it into a pint glass to get a better idea of what exactly we're dealing with here. The color was/is(I'm still drinking it) a gold/orange/amber color. As Murray Hewitt calls his hair in Flight of the Conchords, "electric copper".

There's a decent amount of head after the pour. It's got a very floral smell to it, very spring-like if that makes any sense. There's definitely a taste of hops at first and a fruity flavor I couldn't pinpoint, closest to grapefruit I'd say. The finish is more like the floral taste you're expecting with the aroma. It goes down incredibly smooth.

The beer is 6% ABV... I'm on my fourth one now and am feeling prettyyyy, prettyyyyy, pretty good. If you're looking for a refreshing beer to get a nice buzz, this would be a terrific choice.

This isn't even in my top five favorite beers that New Belgium's made, but it's still damn good, and it's getting some great reception around the country.

Until this month, it was available to buy only in mixed packs, but is now sold individually. From what I've read, it should be available wherever New Belgium is sold around the country, and if any of you could verify this that would be great.

You can learn more about Mighty Arrow, such as what food is good with it on New Belgium's profile of the beer. If you've had it, have seen it in your area, whatever... post away.

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