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We've been getting our drink on a lot around here lately but haven't given you a breakdown of what exactly we're drinking in quite some time. That changes today.

I'm going to make an effort to start getting some more random beers, drink a bunch of them, and inform you about them. Are these tasty beers? Will they at least get you drunk fast?

Anyway, today we're checking out Tommyknocker Ornery Amber Lager. Tommyknocker Brewery is another local brewery here in Colorado, located in Idaho Springs to be specific.

I picked up a six pack of longnecks of the Ornery Amber Lager at the liquor store for a fair price of $7.99. You can find it all over Colorado and it's apparently distributed in many other states as well.

I opened the bottle and there was immediately a clear smell of caramel malt. I then poured the beer into a pint glass and it was a pure amber color. One thing that jumped out to me right away was that there was little, well pretty much no head.

As expected with the aroma, the beer was malty with some caramel flavor which I'm a fan of. The hops were light, and the bitterness was mild. The beer went down just fine and was great with a Tombstone pepperoni pizza that I was chowing down on.

It reminds me a lot of this Amber Lager I had a few years ago from Karl Strauss Brewing Company while waiting in between flights at LAX. So if you've had that beer and are a fan of it, I think there's a good chance you'll enjoy the Ornery Amber Lager.

The beer is 5.4% ABV and I had a nice buzz off of three of these. However if you're just looking to get hammered, this probably isn't the beer for you. Like most micros, I couldn't drink more than three or four of these at a time.

Again, this is an amber lager, not the popular amber ale like New Belgium's Fat Tire for example. So don't assume if you like Fat Tire that you'll like this beer, they're very different. Additionally if you don't like an amber ale like Fat Tire, you might like this.

Overall, I was pleasantly surprised with this beer and will probably buy it again in the future. It's nothing special, but a nice change of pace if you're looking to try some new beers. I'd recommend you give it a try yourself and feel free to show your opinion about it when you do.

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