Happy 20th Birthday, Super Soaker | Sharapova's Thigh

Something tells me the birthday means more to this kid than you.

Did anyone else realize this? The Super Soaker water cannon is turning 20 in 2009. Who could forget the constant pumping of the weapon...work, yes...but did it not add to the satisfaction when you unleashed all hell upon your unwitting neighbor?

I remember as the weapon evolved from its original rifle and pistol models into such proponents of liquid death as to that monster that required you to wear the water packs on your back (the Super Charger, apparently).

In 2000, Super Soaker came out with the Monster XL. It's been called the largest water gun ever made, according to the Guinness Book of World Records. Any time I tell a girl that I own a Monster XL, they immediately assume I am speaking about a Super Soaker...well...the toy one.

Good lord. That's a beast. I'm pretty sure that's what God uses when he wants to make it rain. Or really piss off St. Peter.

Anyways, Happy 20th, Super Soaker. You've been an inspiration to an entire generation with your steadfast commitment to getting girls' t-shirts wet.

I leave you with this commercial. I'm not sure exactly what they're suggesting...

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