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How ironic?

Posted by Poorly Acquitted | 2/01/2009 07:02:00 PM

How ironic is it that Mike Holmgren, the coach of the losing team in the worst officiated Super Bowl ever, is in NBC's booth for the broadcast? The scale is 1-5.

1 is "Gee little Tommy also likes the Cherry Tootsie Pops and he just took the last one leaving me with the chocolate one."

5 is "Shit my best friend just murdered my family while fucking my girlfriend, but its ok because I was doing the same thing to him."

This is like 4.

This has been simply awful.

Block in the back on the Harrison pick 6. Missed.

Late hit on Dansby. Possibly the worst call I've seen all season.

Not calling intentional grounding on the same play. Second worst call I've seen all season.

No intentional grounding while the Steel has the ball at the goalline. I don't care what the NBC gay red lines say.

P.S. I've always wondered how a defensive player can get called for a facemask when the offensive player grabs the defenders face mask and pulls it down. P.S.S. that happened on another play during a Steelers drive.

Oh and just as I'm posting this Arizona received a holding call.

P.S.S. Kurt Warner looks freaking awful

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