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Prepare to experience sexual magic from Electric Dream Machine, and not just on FX.

In early January, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia had over three seasons taken off of the website Hulu, where people were able to view full episodes of the show for free. Hulu viewers were furious and complained profusely, and Hulu put all of the episodes back up... for two weeks. On January 25th, 40 of the episodes were removed again and Hulu posted this message:

As of Jan. 25, 2009, Hulu can offer 5 rolling episodes of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia at a time. One new episode is added weekly as an older one is taken down; the episodes posted on Hulu reflect a schedule set by the content owner, FX.
Well now we know the reason for it. According to Press Democrat, FX is trying to get "Sunny" syndicated on other television networks to show reruns:

"We're getting ready to take the show into syndication," said John Solberg, a spokesman for FX in a phone interview.

New episodes will continue to premier on FX, but the company wants to sell the rights to broadcast older seasons to other networks, Solberg said.

Apparently having every episode online and available to watch for free was a deterrent to that sale.
I'd guess Comedy Central is the most likely channel for syndication. "Sunny" has some pretty bad language for a network television show and the subjects are definitely suited only for adults. TBS scoops of popular comedies left and right, but I don't know if they'd allow this content on their network. Whatever it's on, it will surely be aired late at night.

For those of you without cable access, the good news is Hulu will put up ten episodes of the show instead of five when the new season of "Sunny" begins in the fall.

I'll leave you with a couple of my favorite clips from the show. Oh, and we'll have a breakdown of Day Man Vs. Green Man(nope, not Night Man as Day Man already has him beat) in the coming weeks...

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