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I'm sure that everybody has an opinion regarding the college they loathe the most in the world. For many I suppose it is their alma mater's rival. For many others I'm sure that the choice comes from the following short list:

- Ohio State

- Southern Cal

- Notre Dame

- Duke

- Michigan

Here's my top 3: (sorted from most hated to slightly less hated)

Arizona State

I freaking despise ASU. I've always disliked their sports, their colors and their city. ASU is the second largest campus in the nation in 2008. Second largest!?! The rest of the top 10 make sense: they are in states with large populations, they are near large metropolitan centers, etc. ASU? I know its in Phoenix, but Phoenix isn't that big. What does that say to me? That the kids that can't get into the U C's or even the Cal St's go to Tempe were admission standards are low and the fun is high. The campus is fun, you won't find many where the fun button is pushed harder. And to me that means......NOTHING!!!!


This is based as much upon jealousy as it is on actually disliking UF. Screw you Gators and all of your fancy National Championships!!! I always thought UF was the "good school" in Florida. I've recently found out that Miami and FSU are actually much better schools and that if you can breathe you can go to UF. Mostly though I'm just bitter and pissed and jealous that those bastards keep winning. Share the wealth selfish bastards.


Husker's all throughout the world can suck my feet. I shouldn't limit it to the Big Red, I hate the entire state of Nebraska. The world would be a better place without Nebraska. When Nebraska teams lose angels cry tears of joy and cute baby kitten is born.

Bonus Pick:


Ok, I don't actually dislike UCLA, but the parking cops in Westwood are fucking dicks. I've lived there the last two years and my resume looks something like: 3 tows and 5 tickets. You dicks!!!!

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