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NFL Free Agency: First 90 Minutes off and running

Posted by Poorly Acquitted | 2/26/2009 09:54:00 PM

NFL Free Agency starts nowish. This is crazy time. Most fans get pumped about the Draft, and with good reason. But free agency could prospectively lead to more instant impact players. I'm particularly concerned this year because the Browns are letting my favorite player (Safety Sean Jones) hit the market. Oh yeah there are other players too: TJ Whosyourdaddy, Albert Haynesworth, Ray Lewis, Bart Scott, etc.

I'll be here for the first 90 minutes keeping you updated.

10:02 pm MST
- One minute in, nothing going so far. Lets go NFL, get going! Tell me where these dudes are going.

10:11 pm MST
- What the hell? This is boring!!!! Nothing still going on as far as I can tell from my sources:,, Well screw it, I'm sticking it out.

10:16 pm MST
- First big name heading somewhere else: Derrick Dockery who was inexplicably released by the Bills appears to be heading to DC to join the Redskins.

10:23 pm MST
- Does Todd McShay even think before he makes his Mock Drafts? That dude is a freaking jackass and I'm sure that the only reason ESPN keeps him is so that people don't get too fed up with Mel Kiper Jr. It also adds to Kiper's credibility to have McShay be constantly wrong.

10:27 pm MST
- The fighting Daniel Snyder's strike again! DeAngelo Hall has apparently signed a contract with the Redskins for 6 years and $50 mill or so. Hall is immensely talented, but is there a more enigmatic player in the league?

10:32 pm MST
- John Clayton of ESPN and Adam Schefter of are saying that the Hall deal fetches $22 million guaranteed and $30 mill in the first 3 seasons. Holy crapballs!!!!

10:41 pm MST
- Jets are going to hang on to FB Tony Richardson. Richardson is one of the best in the game and opened up holes better than Ron Jeremy while blocking for Thomas Jones in '08.

Because I know you're all concerned, no word on that other player with the last name Jones.

10:45 pm MST
- Marvin Harrison has game left right? I don't want to sound like an apologist for the guy, but I have to believe that he'll put up numbers somewhere next year. I think his public images is as carefully crafted and as perfectly fake as A-Rod and Tim Duncan (i.e. they are douchers despite their best attempt to illustrate otherwise). That doesn't matter for his productivity does it?

10:52 pm MST
- John Clayton has to wear at least 5 pounds of make up. I ran into him at Broncos training camp 4 years ago and it is scary how much he resembles Al Davis and his cast of characters. That was 4 years ago. Yikes.

11:02 pm MST
- Nearly an hour into free agency. I expected a lot more noise on the market, but Mike Hall is making plenty of noise in the ESPN studio. ESPN would be sued if Mike Hall was on during the day the following lines have come out of his mouth so far:

"Albert Haynesworth's wallet is about to expand like his waistline."

"Be real with me my brother." After asking Housh where Housh will end up.

"You know I got to work hard to pay the bills my brother." Same interview with Housh.

11:22 pm MST
- News for Bronco nation: allegedly the team will fly in JJ Arrington and Correll Buckhalter for interviews. Foolish if you ask me. The Broncs need to spend every available dollar upgrading that defense. One of the 7 RBs that was injured last year can surely be serviceable at the position.

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