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Each year in the NBA All-Star Game, one of the most interesting things to me is to see what shoes they're wearing. Sometimes they pull out the most ridiculous shoes imaginable just for this game. Sometimes it's our first glimpse at some badass pair of new Air Jordans for example as well.

For this year's game, we've been informed by on the special edition Nike Hyperdunks for each team. I'm not sure who all on each team will be wearing them as many of them have their own shoe deals of course, but surely a few players will be showing these off on the court. Furthermore, the Hyperdunks are one of the more popular Nike models out there so these shoes are going to be a hot item for sneaker fans out there.

So, let's take a look at the Nike Hyperdunk All-Star Game East & West shoes. I'll give a couple quick notes about the shoes first. The shoes representing the Eastern Conference are the blue ones, and the Western Conference are the red. Also, this is from the Osneaker description of them: "This pair of sneakers combines synthetic materials on the toe box and holds the 2009 All-Star Game logo."

Hyperdunk All-Star East...

Hyperdunk All-Star West...

For more on these shoes and of course if you'd like to give them a purchase, go to

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