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Holly Weber
Wowzers... easily one of my favorite ladies we've had on here. Holly, 24, is a model and actress from California.

She was a go-go dancer at the age of 18 in Las Vegas, while also attending college to pursue a degree in Orthodontics. Her interest in the field likely came from her having braces during this time. When she got the braces off, everybody realized how damn hot she was and the modeling opportunities came in a hurry.

Holly went on to be featured in 25 calendars and various magazines including FHM, Glamour, and Muscle and Fitness. She also just ranked #66 on's 2009 "Top 99 Women".

Since she's stunningly gorgeous and got plenty experience in front of the camera, Holly began taking on acting roles in music videos, television shows, and movies. She's appeared in many films such as Click, You Don't Mess with the Zohan, Tropic Thunder, and Frost/Nixon. She'll also be in a bunch of upcoming movies, namely Fast & Furious and The Ugly Truth.

I sat here for awhile trying to figure out who Holly looked like. I decided she's a mix of Kathy Ireland, Brooke Burke, and Susan Ward. Prettyyyyy, prettyyyyy, pretty good.

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