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Minka Kelly
The lovely Minka's appearance on the Thigh was long overdue. She's not just a hottie but ties into the sports world as well, because she was seen in October at a Texas/Missouri football game with Yankees shortstop Derek Jeter. Therefore we are to assume they're dating, because what guy goes to a football game with a chick just because they're friends? Come on now. Kelly's also dated Donald Fairson, Chris Evans, and John Mayer.

Minka is 28 but plays a high school cheerleader named Lyla Garrity in the show Friday Night Lights. Has there ever been a show about high school where the actors weren't at least in their 20s?

She's also the daughter of Aerosmith guitarist Rick Dufay and the two aren't very close as she feels he pretty much abandoned the family. It's the Cecil-Prince Fielder relationship of celebrities.

Minka's appeared in some movies such as State's Evidence and has appeared in a few episodes of the show What I Like About You. When you've got a toned body like that and a pair of eyes I could get lost in, there's no doubt there will be more acting opportunities on the way.

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