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URL Change At The Thigh!

Posted by Matt Clapp | 2/17/2009 01:30:00 AM | , ,

We're feeling classy... sort of.

After months of indecision, we finally changed the Sharapova's Thigh url to http://www.sharapovasthigh.com

Is that big enough(that's what he said)? Now you don't have to make the font that large when you type it in, you just need that address.

Important though: you must type in the www!

This seems to be an error on Blogger that hopefully will be fixed soon, but for now if you just typed in the url without the www., you're going to have a nice GoDaddy page full of Maria Sharapova ads(and I know that's not a bad thing for some of you).

You're probably wondering: what about the http://sharapovasthigh.blogspot.com address? That still works, it will redirect to the new url. Please though, if you have Sharapova's Thigh on your blogroll, if you're sending a link of the site to your friends, if you have it as a bookmark, whatever, we ask that you change it to the new url. It makes us sound more professional, although we certainly don't act that way. Additionally, we're going to drop in all sorts of rankings around the web for awhile, so we need all the help we can get.

Oh! I'm absolutely awful with computer shit. Thankfully, Isaac of The World of Isaac knows what's going on and guided me through this whole process. He pretty much made the sweet change, not I. So go to The World of Isaac and give him hundreds of thigh fives. I request that all of our hot female readers that send me those webcam videos to go find Isaac for awhile and give him the same love.

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