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I know, I haven't done a video game review in a long, long time. When you come across a game like this...a game that simply redefines the word "fun"...well, you just have to write.

Let me clarify. When I say "redefine the word 'fun'", I am not using that in a complimentary sense. What I mean to say is that if you are playing this, you must have a different definition of fun than the rest of society.

Usually when I do one of these I like to mention the good and the bad. Honestly, there's nothing good about this game except for the fact that it's baseball and is MLB licensed. Other than that, this game is junk.

Let's start with the set up. There's no notification as to when players become available/go through waivers/are on the trading block. You have to check every single item each and every day. This is no problem at the get go, but it quickly becomes a tiring experience.

You'll find that players tend to deteriorate with no real pattern or reason. This is fine and dandy in real life, but shouldn't there be -some- indication as to talent in a video game when your only resources are provided to you? For example, I signed CC 80 in the game. 80 is just about as high as the overall rating system goes. CC went 4-16 with a 5+ ERA in his first year with me. Why? I don't know. Nothing provided by the game said he would.

Once I got fired from my first team after two sub-60 win seasons, I was hired by the Angels. They had resigned Teixeira in the game so I felt good about that...wrong. Teixeira fell to a 35 overall in the year 2011 and hit .250 in spite of high ratings in both hitting and plate discipline. Again, no rhyme or reason for this precipitous statistical decline.

Let's talk about what you do when your team blows, a situation that I am painfully familiar with. You try to sell. Well guess what? There's no top 100 prospect list. You are required to go through -every- teams 6 levels of minor leagues, meticulously examine each and everyone of their prospects attributes (which, as previously stated, really don't mean too much of anything), and then go through the ass backwards trade process which requires you to add your players to the deal every time you change teams/level.

The AI is no better. I've seen several 35+ year old players signed to multi-year deals that involved over 28 million per season. It's just nonsensical.

I wanted to like this game. I love the front office aspect of baseball more than any other sport. A game of this nature has to walk the delicate line between fun and work. This game fails miserably at that and takes it a step further in the bad direction: this is like a job that you don't want.

Stay away from this one. It's a stink-a-roo.

Fly's rating: 0 out of 10

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