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Give Murray Hewitt his own show on HBO.

Dude I got these ideas. I got so many ideas burning through my skull buddy. I don't know, like hats and shirts, like Stussy. Stussy got started out making hats and shirts for surfers in Hawaii. Now, he's like, a millionaire, he parties in Hawaii! 24/7 buddy! I could do something like that don't you think? Like a fucking shirt, that says "Loser"! Or, I don't know, like... "Talk to the Hand". Or something like that man! Those would sell!
Jack Black in Orange County(Link to video of the scene)

Every once in awhile I get these weird ideas. Like a few years ago I would tell my friends all the time about how awesome a taco delivery type of restaurant would be in Fort Collins. It's a college town, everybody's drunk or stoned and craving tacos. For proof, the Taco Bell drive-thru line has been known to take an hour on a Friday night at 2 AM there. It's cheap food people can just throw into their mouth relentlessly, and two minutes later they're filled up and feeling good(until the inevitable trip to the toilet within the hour). Anyway, I'd always talk about this, they'd always laugh at me and say how stupid it was. Within a year, a new place opens up in town delivering tacos! I want credit for my idea dammit!

So I want to get this latest idea out there for everybody to see. I want to be the first and I'm expecting HBO to give me some sort of credit, preferably a nice wad of cash for suggesting this if it ends up happening(which it surely won't). My idea involves the hilarious show Flight of the Conchords.

For those who don't know(and if you don't why are you reading this?), the show is about two guys from New Zealand named Jemaine Clement and Bret McKenzie, and their band named "Flight of the Conchords". Their names and band are real, but the show is a fictionalized comedy about their band struggling to find success in New York after coming over from New Zealand to get recognized. Its' sort of a musical comedy as they'll all of a sudden break into one of their songs a few times each episode. To get a much better understanding of the show, visit the Flight of the Conchords Wikipedia page.

As we let you know in September, "FOTC" is likely to be done for good at the end of this season. Bret said how it's getting difficult to write music for each show and they're likely finished with it after this season. I'm sure they'd like to just focus on touring and making some more hilarious music that doesn't have to match a show's plot. So, this news is very upsetting for us fans of the show. However, I have an idea of a way to keep it going in a way, and I really think this could work.

Rhys Darby, a comedian from New Zealand, plays Murray Hewitt in the show. Murray is the manager of the band, and also works at the New Zealand consulate where he is Deputy Cultural Attache. I love Bret and Jemaine, but when the show isn't in musical form, Murray makes the show in my opinion.

Murray's an incredibly nice guy that means well and wants to succeed as the band manager, but is incompetent and naive. He's way too trusting and falls for scams left and right while thinking he's doing something beneficial for the band, when he just ends up losing whatever money the band has(which is usually just a few bucks). However, the band loves him too much and they're not very aware of how things go in the states themselves so they just go with it.

Here's a video showing some of Murray's best moments:

So, if Bret and Jemaine don't want to keep doing a show anymore, why can't we just get a new show going with "Gingerballs" Murray as the main star? Usually I'm not a fan of spin-offs and it's because they're usually pure shit. However I really think this could work.

I like the idea of keeping him as a manager, or at some level of representation for celebrities(or people wishing to become that like FOTC). How about Murray managing a couple up and coming supermodels? How about porn stars? There's a million ways you could go with his character, just do something. Just watching his simple interactions with anybody makes me laugh my ass off.

I could go on and on in detail about ways they could use him, but I just wanted to get the idea out there. HBO, if you want those details, contact me. You know you want to. Let's do this.

What do any of you readers think, could this work? Any plot suggestions? Post away friends.

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