The World's Best Stache Is Coming To Colorado | Sharapova's Thigh

Coming to Coors Field... I hope.

I'm not a Rockies fan, contrary to what many of you believe. I bleed Cubbie blue. However, I will enjoy the Rockies a bit more in 2009 and potentially attend more of their games if the greatest mustache on the planet is a part of their team.

You see, veteran catcher Sal Fasano signed a Minor League deal with the Rockies today. Yes, there's a very good chance he doesn't make the team, maybe not at all this season(although he'd be playing in AAA at Colorado Springs). This would really disappoint me.

So what if he's 37? Who cares that he's a career .221 hitter? Big deal that he has only two stolen bases and has just two seasons with at least 20 RBI. What brings more excitement at a cheap price like a superb mustache? Sal Fasano sells. Check out to see how popular he was as a member of the Phillies.

Just how good is this mustache Sal possesses? Let's see how it looks in comparison to some other famous mustaches...

Very nice! Nice thickness(that's what she said), but still not quite good enough(that's usually what she says to me).

I have no idea who this guy is, but I assume he's the face of any "How To Stay A Virgin" book.

Probably the best "normal" stache ever. Need a little more pizazz though for world's best.

He couldn't even make it around the bases with Elaine.

A menacing, absolute badass look. However, keep in mind: he's an effing cartoon character.

Asterisk stache.

An amazing stache but a bit past it's prime.

Although I worship Da Coach and I'd never say it to his face, I've seen better.

Quite ravishing. Unfortunately he's no better than a Wes Mantooth(#2) in the stache ratings.


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