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36 Games??

Posted by Poorly Acquitted | 3/31/2009 06:13:00 PM | , , ,

Do you know the number of games in Spring Training?


Doesn't that seem like a lot? I mean effin A Cotton, that's a lot of innings.

But then I got to thinking. How does this compare to other sports.

NFL: 4 preseason games / 16 regular season games = 20% of total games played

MLB: 36 preseason games / 162 regular season games = 18% of total games played

NBA: 8 preseason games / 82 regular season games = 8.8% of total games played

I mean we always knew the NBA preseason was useless, but....isn't that the point of the preseason?

I mean Cactus / Grapefruit League provides a nice vacation option, but c'mon. MLB and NFL are talking about 1 out of every 5 games not mattering. More than twice the amount of the NBA. (no this is not the forum to discuss the NBA regular season being meaningless)

This MLB realization comes the same week that that Roger Goodell is talking about an 18 game regular season.

Plllleeeeasssseeee Pleeeeaasssseee let it happen.

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