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I just started watching and loving HBO's Eastbound and Down only a month ago. Well this past Sunday the first, and I figured last season of the show ended.

Executive producers Will Ferrell(yes, that one) and Adam McKay had a six-episode contract with HBO for the show, and the season finale concluded in a way that the series could definitely end on. However, it appears we might get one more season of Kenny Powers(played by the hilarious Danny McBride) and company.

Chud.Com's Devin Faraci caught up with co-creator and producer of the show, Jody Hill, about the possibility of a second season:

'We're thinking about it,' he(Hill) said. The plan was always to do Eastbound as a limited series, and the possibility exists for it to come back for a second, eight episode season. 'We're trying to sort out all the details right. We definitely don't want to go for syndication or anything like that, and we know the ending we want to go for. But it could end right here, so we're debating it. Do we keep it as one season that we're proud of or do we go for one more?'

But if it does come back for a second (and certainly final season), it'll be the same creative team. Says Jody,'You'll never see this as a regular American sitcom, a writer factory. We'll always have our hands in it. There won't be a reunion... or a Very Special Episode.'
Link("Thud: Eastbound But Not Down"- Chud.Com)

So, it appears there's a chance the show returns for one more season, but that's as far as it would go. It's no surprise as the storyline of the show wouldn't allow it to last too much longer, but I think they could definitely get it to work for eight more episodes.

For those that don't know, the show is about a former professional baseball player and his struggles to make a comeback. He's back in his hometown as a gym teacher, drinking a lot of booze, blowing lines, taking roids, chasing the ladies, and not surprisingly, failing in his attempt to make it back to the big leagues. He's passionate about making a return to baseball, but ignores the reality of his chances, and continues the sex, drugs, and rock 'n roll lifestyle of his younger days that isn't exactly the ideal way to go about succeeding in this extremely difficult challenge.

Eastbound's received mixed reactions, but there's no doubt there's a following and some major fans already. The season finale actually got better ratings than Flight of the Conchords' season(and potentially series as well) finale, which aired right before Eastbound on HBO.

I think Will Ferrell's going to play a major part in deciding if this show returns or not. He had a couple hilarious appearances on the show as car dealership owner Ashley Schaeffer, but more importantly was an executive producer of the show as I stated earlier. Even if he doesn't actually appear in the show again, his name would still be attached as a producer, and his name definitely sells. It's the main reason I first watched the show.

I certainly hope it returns for another season so we can see some more of the entertaining lifestyle of Kenny Powers, the hilarity of his assistant Stevie Janowski(my favorite character on tv right now who is played by Steve Little), and some nice boobies courtesy of April Buchanon(played by Katy Mixon).

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