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Fine, I'll Write Something...

Posted by Matt Clapp | 3/16/2009 01:00:00 AM | , ,

I'm still here. I just got back from partying with Toph in LoDo for the weekend. I intended to live blog much of the time there, which I started doing on Friday, but I can't blog on my cell phone, we only got the Internet in the hotel for one day, and frankly I just didn't feel like it.

Denver was nuts and we had a blast. Only in South Padre for spring break a few years ago have I seen as many drunk people for miles as we did Saturday. We walked out of our hotel at about 2 pm with some faderade in Panda Express cups to check out the festivities around town. Within five minutes we see a dude puking right there on the sidewalk. That's pretty much how the whole day was. Soon after we were being jackasses in the bars and I'm sure some embarrassing photos will surface soon.

Anyway, we're a bit behind on stuff with the blog lately and need to kick it into high gear. If things go as planned(which they never ever do with us), we should have the "Where They Stand" pieces for the Minnesota Twins, Cincinnati Reds, and Chicago Cubs done in the next three days. We're probably going to need to do a couple of these a day soon, and they usually take me a few hours to do, so that won't be easy. We've also got a couple more fantasy baseball blogs to get done this week as well.

And the old Hot Ladies Tournament. Don't worry, that's still in the cards. I have no official date set to start this, probably whenever we finish these baseball blogs. I'm hoping to at least reveal the field(we still have no idea what the hell it's going to be) soon.

Speaking of tournaments, we have a group for the real one on Join it:

Sharapova's Thigh Tournament Challenge Group


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