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Every March I realize the ridiculosity of the BCS

What? You say?? The BCS is college football....we aren't even to spring football yet. Are you freaking high?

The answer my friends is no, I'm not smoking doobies.

A continuing "defense" of the BCS (or argument against a playoff) is the amount of school that that the players will miss. This argument, as we all know, is retarded.

1.) It's winter break.

2.) College footballers don't go to class.

The NCAA in their infinite wisdom is yet to figure this out. Every March I chuckle at just how blind the NCAA remains.

Teams that make the Final Four of the NCAA basketball tournament miss 3 consecutive weeks of school while school is in session. I'm just curious, is the NCAA saying that footballers are more studious than basketballers? That has to be undertone here since basketballers can miss three straight weeks of actual school and footballers can't miss 1 EXTRA WEEK OF SITTING AT HOME WITH THEIR POSSE SIPPIN EGG NOG. I mean, duh, football players = Mensa wannabes.

And no, NCAA teams don't go back to school at the beginning of the week. I went to school in a certain South Central Texas town that hosted two regionals and one Final Four during my time there. The teams practiced at my school, and I'll be damned if they weren't practicing Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday leading up the tournament.

I digress. The only reason the BCS remains in place is because of dough ray me and I ain't talkin bout no musical chords.

Today news was released that the Senate is going to initiate an anti-trust investigation of the BCS. While this will inevitably fail, it is a step in the right direction.

Senators from the South have been pushing a playoff system for years now. All of the sudden since we have a hip new President in office (and he's filled out a NCAA bracket in the event you've been living under a rock for the last two weeks. Ok, normally limit my writing inside of parentheses to one sentence, but is anybody else as sick of Barack-etology as me? Ok and give me a freaking break, there is NO WAY that Obama is a bigger sports fan that GW Bush. Bush owned a fucking baseball team and he maintains UT season tickets) it actually looks like something could change by 2015.

I won't go into the layers of irony with Dems guffawing at using the government to rectify the BCS a year ago, but now its "a great idea."

Oh what a difference a year makes.
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