Nothing Takes Away The Pain Of Being Slaughtered Like A Nice Dance In The Outfield | Sharapova's Thigh

On Monday night I watched Mexico beat the crap out of South Africa in the World Baseball Classic. The score was 14-3 to be exact. At some point in the eighth or ninth inning, the South Africa left fielder Paul Rutgers starts dancing during a stoppage in the game(pitching change or something, don't remember), and his team was getting destroyed. The Mexican crowd loved it, giving him a standing ovation as he danced for a good 30 seconds or so at least. I meant to look for this video yesterday and it just came back to me now, so here ya go(only 10 seconds and like I said it was probably 30+ seconds, but this is the only video I could find of it):

I found it absolutely hilarious, but surely there's some people that are a part of the South African team, or are fans of the team that don't appreciate their player having a blast in the outfield while his team's getting their asses kicked in front of the world.

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