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So, let's have a discussion

Posted by FlyAtTheThigh | 3/14/2009 04:26:00 PM | , ,

And by discussion, I mean that I am going to post and some of you are going to read, the rest simply heading immediately over to whatever Thigh of the Week suits your fancy.

As stated last night by means of comment, since Clapp is off in Denver having man sex...I mean...drinking...with one of his friends, that means that I am in charge! The last time Clapp left me alone with the keys to the car, I made three nonsensical posts and he vowed to never do it again. Oh, the lure of alcohol.

I am getting in to my unsupervised goodness a bit late, but it took me a few hours to get my hearty buzz going. Now, I am ready and able to make Clapp's head spin when next he returns.

So, here we go:

I wanted to start a segment called "Cock Watch", which would chronicle my Fighting Gamecocks of South Carolina's run at the NCAA tournament (which has probably been derailed by now), but I worried about what sort of hits we would start generating if I made that a post title. Now, I wonder what sort of hits will generate for me having written it in the body here. Or what will happen when I make it a tag. This blogging's all new to me.

Clapp did an outstanding third base blog. I hope to have the OF fantasy preview up in the next 3 days and then either he or I or a combination of both will handle the pitchers.

Speaking of pitchers, if you're having sex with a man...and you are, indeed, a man... it really doesn't matter whether you're a pitcher or a catcher. You're still having sex with a man. Unless you're Devan Downey, who would have been prominently featured in my "Cock Watch" segment. Devan Downey can do what he wants.

I just watched House Bunny. Even Anna Faris couldn't save that nightmare.

In conclusion, I just wanted to state in front of the entire internet that Anne Hathaway is awesome. I'd pay money just to sit and watch her do her taxes. If she were willing to do her taxes naked, well, more power to her.

Alright, that's all for now.

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