Sorry Denver, Cutler is a sissy biatch | Sharapova's Thigh

Living in Denver and watching the NFL I know how much Denver fans hate Philip Rivers because he is cocky, whiny, a sissy, overrated and, in general, a huge douche.

Well Denver, this week has only confirmed my suspicions that Jay Cutler is in the same category of douchebaggery as Philip Rivers.

Cocky? Yes.

A winner? No.

A whiner? Yes.

Overrated? Well probably not, but still a douche.

Wittle Jay heard trade woomers he needs his mama's tit to suck on.

Freaking get over it Jay. The NFL is a BUSINESS. I don't care how often you hear rumors about yourself, your job is to go out and win ballgames and act like a professional. Who gives a shit if McDaniels and Xanders fumbled the situation worse than Earnest Byner. That by no means relieves you of your obligation to act like a pro.

I'm not going to talk to you now Josh. Yeah and guess what? I am rubber you are glue whatever you say bounces of me and sticks to you.

Oh Jay, by the way, why might Josh be concerned? Could it be because you went 0-3 coming down the stretch? I don't care how bad the Bronco defense is / was, your job is to make plays and win games. You didn't do that during winning time little buddy.

Grow up you little backward hat wearing crybaby.

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