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Cassandra Fiorella

On St. Patrick's Day weekend, my buddy Toph and I hit up downtown Denver for some drinking and random nonsense. Our favorite bar to go to in Denver is Maloney's Tavern, located right in the heart of downtown on Market Street. On this particular trip, we were introduced to an amazing, grade-A thigh, courtesy of Cassandra Fiorella.

Cassandra(or Cassie) is a terrific waitress at Maloney's, and particulary did a great job of dealing with a crapload of guys pathetically hitting on her all day(I probably contributed to this). It was actually quite visible in the last two pictures, but I did the best I could to crop that up and get the guys out of there.

This is a very special Thigh of the Week, as Cassandra is our first ever non-celebrity to receive this prestigious award! Hopefully this will open up some eyes very soon and that non-celebrity label will vanish.

I was reluctant to even ask her if she'd like to be TOTW as it sounds super creepy of course, but surely the alcohol played a major part in me doing so. I was shocked when she said she'd love to do it, and how hilarious and awesome this was. So she gave us some outstanding thigh shots(thanks to our good friend Justin Fritts for taking the photos) right in the middle of the bar! It was very, very cool.

Anyway, go into Maloney's yourself to see Cassie and the rest of the waitresses there, they're all gorgeous and I feel bad for leaving the rest of them out of this. Thanks to Cassie for being so awesome about this and maybe we'll have some more real TOTW's in the future.

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