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I just saw this report about Maria Sharapova and a television show on MTV. I got all sorts of excited. Then I saw it's not actually a show with the Thigh Goddess in it, but rather a show with some random actress portraying Maria and her life, and Maria will be the executive producer of it:

Maria Sharapova will serve as executive producer of a drama series for MTV that is loosely based on her life on the pro tennis tour, a well-placed source said.

MTV has agreed to the concept, but Sharapova, who is working on the project with her agent and screenwriters, must first produce a pilot that MTV agrees to, the source said. Sharapova in 2007 had an agreement with the CW network, but that deal fell apart with last year’s writers strike.

MTV did not reply for comment. Sharapova’s agent, Max Eisenbud of IMG, declined to comment.The proposed series would be mainly about the off-court life of a WTA Tour star, based on Sharapova, with very little tennis shown. Each episode would be one hour.

Link(Sports Business Journal)

I've got news for you Maria and MTV: You cannot replicate that thigh. There's no way in hell you can get a completely accurate portrayal here. Still, it seems like a cool idea and we of course will support Maria in any of her endeavors.

What I'm really curious about, is who is going to play the handsome, funny, enthusiastic, intelligent blogger on the show that has heavily supported Maria and raised awareness in regards to her stunning beauty more than anybody out there? I'd like some input on this, hit me up.

Fly's update: Handsome? Funny? Enthusiastic? That's me! Wait, intelligent? Damn.

Plus, I'd have to decline. Now, if it were Anne Hathaway...now we're talking.

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