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Fly and I were chatting earlier, he asked me if I had on MLB Network because Matt Vasgersian had just dropped an f-bomb on live television. "Look for the video on YouTube" he told me, and I of course forgot to do that. Thankfully The 'Ropolitans just posted the YouTube link on Twitter, so give them a thigh five for us. Anyway, here is the video(NSFW of course):

Also, this is not Vasgersian's first major "oops" moment on television. Awful Announcing has a play-by-play of some things Vasgersian said as the Padres announcer in 2007 when they were playing the Cardinals in St. Louis. Matt thought his mic was off...

8-06-07 Ninth inning Greene hits a double down the line and two fans go over wall to get the ball....Here is broadcast I taped it channel4San Diego...First they are called yahoos.......(Matt V.).........As one of the ozarks finest pours himself out of the grandstands.....pause...and by the way the Rams should still be in L.A.......Had it with this place already.....pause....get back in your el camino and drive back to the ozarks...........Then with Baird at bat Matt forgot to hit his cough switch in faint audio you here......Im done with this place...Im so tired of losing here.....Its hotter than shit......We get our asses kicked every time we come here .....Im not coming here next year.
Funny stuff. He's also the play-by-play voice of "MLB 09: The Show" which hit stores yesterday and I'll be getting my hands on very soon.

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